Chapter 44
The Dynamics of Dinosaurs

Carrion set off on his own quest, leaving Dasterbolt, Bronagh and Archaius to ascend the cliff. They did so, by Bronagh casting Water walk on them and rising through the waterfall to the plateau edge.

Once on top they ran into a herd of Sauropods moving through the jungle.

Then they found an Ankylosaurus trapped in the basin of a giant pitcher plant. While trying to rescue it, several Dilophosaurs attacked, hoping to scavenge the trapped beast. The party intimidated some of them, and Dasterbolt tricked one into falling into the Pitcher Plant, after he fell in himself. They managed to defeat the dinosaurs and continue on.

After resting, they ran into Atton Davoro narrating the dinosaurs that were hunting him in a tree. The party defeated the Deinonychus (some being struck down by Bronagh’s lightning staff), as Dasterbolt transformed himself into an orca in the tree by Atton Davoro. He fell to the forest floor, a strange sight for the naturalist and everyone involved.

After some conversation, Atton Davoro continued his expedition and the party continued onward into the jungle.

Chapter 43
The Scrambling Forest

The Party returned to the Material Plane in Nost, startling some Merchants, and set off North toward the Fortress of Hammerath. When they arrived, they found that the bones of Lagiocrys, Seeker of Secrets were gone and Archaius was upset thinking that the party wouldn’t aid him in reaching them now that they were far away. He seemed particularly bothered that he hadn’t helped Dasterbolt much in his quest to save his family, because he wasn’t especially powerful. Dasterbolt assured him that maybe he would be more powerful someday, and Bronagh said they didn’t choose their friends based on power. The party agreed to accompany Archaius into the jungles of Tlavast to reach where Archaius thought the Lizardfolk had taken the bones.

Back in Nost, they researched the last guardian that they needed to gather for a council with Faelivir. They found that the Guardian was protecting a Moving Island known by other names such as Fastitocalon.

They set off with Archaius to the Scrambling Forest. They encountered some giant snakes and army ants, but managed to make it to the base of the cliffs stretching in either direction, the edge of a massive Plateau atop which the Lizardfolk dwelt.

Chapter 42
Success and Revelation

The party managed to defeat the Dwimmerlurk without any casualties, thanks to Ramas receiving and losing shark privileges from Dasterbolt, Bronagh’s Beacon of Hope and Mass Healing, and Carrion’s running and stabbing skills. The party decided that the Elder Brain should not be destroyed, but left in stasis and watched for now, by Morgan and Tessel, who would remain with it, on this demiplane.

Afterward, the party returned to the castle and Dasterbolt gave a rousing speech to the former slaves and crafting his face out of stone on the top of the castle. Bronagh used her magic to determine what needed to be done to open the mysterious cube: the recitation of A Lament for Brynioth in the presence of Lagiocrys. She also was able to heal Dasterbolt’s parents of their mind-brokenness with the help of a Divine ally. After successes and revelations, the party was set to decide what their next course of action was.

Chapter 41
Into the Lair of the Dwimmerlurk

The party defeated the Watchers and the figure that the Dwimmerlurk was controlling, and decided to bring the Elder Brain to the cave in the Forest, and so confront the Dwimmerlurk before it could harm the slaves or anyone anymore.

Upon entering the cavern, and reaching the chamber where a dim lake rippled in the dark, they heard the Dwimmerlurk speak to their minds, searching for the Elder Brain, and when they denied it, the abomination attacked unleashing its power upon the combatants.

Chapter 40
A Deal with the Dwimmerlurk

Something strange seemed to come over the Watchers, and a figure emerged from the Factory, what seemed to be an elf covered in a gray-green mucus. The figure spoke for the Dwimmerlurk, who it said had recently taken control of the Watchers’ network. It said that for the “Last of the Illithids”, their Elder Brain that Sthalut had within his castle, the Dwimmerlurk would allow the slaves to live. The party agreed to retrieve the Brain from the castle, and once they opened it Dasterbolt mentally communicated with it for a brief conversation, in which he tried to convince it to create a morally better race than the Illithids that he knew.

After resealing the Brain’s container, Bronagh and Dasterbolt argued about what to do with the Brain and the Dwimmerlurk. Having decided to try to alter the deal to ensure the slaves’ safety in case they needed to become violent, they spoke with the Elf once more. The Watchers stood by while the slaves were gathered and left the Factory to go to the Castle, under BlazerX’s protection along with her two Golems.

The Party, carrying the Brain-case, left with the Elf and four Watchers toward the edge of the Forest…

Chapter 39
Who Watches the Watchers?

Investigating the Library, Dasterbolt found a Wizard’s spellbook that seemed to have belonged to the original creator of the demiplane, a man by the name of Muad’dib. Also, there were the ancient notes of an Illithid Scientist who was studying the Heart the Dwarves had discovered beneath the earth ([From the Journal of Dr. Grebdioz]).

It seemed the Illithids had grown a fungus around the Heart and heard dark whispers from it and used translucent worms (“Duskworms”) to propagate the fungus and use it as a way to overthrow and conquer their Dwarven allies.

Bronagh, wearing the Helm of Comprehend Languages was able to understand some of the giant ant’s pleas to be let out and she cast Banishment on it to send it back to whatever plane was its home.

Bronagh and Dasterbolt spoke with Archaius who seemed surprised that Caladhris was in the stained glass depictions of ancient events. He surmised that she must not be truly an Elf, but rather a Fey creature. They also discussed Dasterbolt’s victory and achievement, and Archaius found himself yelling that he hadn’t lost his memory but he didn’t know who he was. Bronagh offered to help Archaius by using one of her spells to reveal lore about the mysterious box, once they were safe to do so.

After a rest, the strike team set out to destroy the Watchers and Golems that still guarded the slaves on the Plains and in the Factory. While approaching, something seemed to snap in the Watchers and they began behaving erratically, attacking and eating some of the slaves, while the Golems, which were controlled by amulets held by the Watchers, also attacked the slaves. Amidst the chaos, the party sought to protect the slaves and defeat the abominations.

Chapter 38
A Mind Overthrown

The Party and their strike team defeated the forest abominations and continued on their journey, reaching the forest edge, where they could see the Illithid’s fortress/laboratory. Dasterbolt melted a way through the laboratory wall, so that they could enter in the side-way. Once inside, the strike team fought several Watchers and the Illithid Master himself, Sthalut. The Illithid was eventually defeated, Dasterbolt driving an animated coin through his skull.

The battle over, the party began to investigate the lab. They found that the Couatl, Lein-ahmik was within a cage, and it seemed he had been tortured and experimented on. There were notes about researching for fungal resistances in ants, and even giant ants, with one living within a cage. There was also a mysterious sealed case.

While recovering, Dasterbolt investigated the Library, but was momentarily detained by a magic trap left by the Illithid.

The Story So Far... Part 2
2017 Adventures Summarized

The Party confronted Cathartes within the ruins of the Elf city of Anfail. The powerful Fey Lord explained that he was the manifestation of a dream of Paulthor and Vannan’s child. Paulthor and Vannan were Elves in ancient times, said to have introduced the powerful magic into the Weirwood and the bloodline of Elves. They had wished to see the Gods, and tear down the Barriers between them, and it is the reason Cathartes was seeking this same outcome. He referred to the child as “the Destroyer of Worlds”.

After this victory, the group went their separate ways. Erdan was the Elder in Shammah’s village, Anfail, before its fall into disease and ruin. He was partly responsible for Cathartes’ presence and influence in the world, and he decided to leave and see more of the world, and contemplate the possibility of redemption.

Ramas Uthrakt, Shammah’s mentor and the leader of the Blood Hunters in the region, elected to stay and study the tear with the other Blood Hunters, hoping to find some way to repair the rift that leaked the Feywild into the ruins, and allowed Cathartes to walk within the Material Plane.

Albinon St. Clair left the group, and was not seen by them again, deciding that he needed to go his own way.

Dasterbolt, Bronagh and Shammah met with Archaius in Thesselmar and he told them he would not be around for a long time. He was seeking the journal of Brynioth, the mate of Lagiocrys, Seeker of Secrets within the Archives of the Dragonborn.

During this parting, the group convinced Archaius to submit to questions within a Zone of Truth. His answers to some were: “I do not know what I am. I thought I was a Dragonborn but there are subtle differences that only Dragonborn noticed.”
“I was raised far from civilization. I do not wish to speak of my mother.”
“I am 293 years old.”

The three companions split up for several weeks, before they were sent a letter by Brammyl Bolbrew to attend the Midsummer Festival in Nost.

Before the festival began, the three companions brought the blade Reaver to the Temple of Savras. It was there that they learned of a Prophecy about the End of the World in which the Priestess believed Reaver featured.

During the festivities, the party stumbled upon a Copper Dragon’s lair, complete with a wand of Wonder, Nicholas Prison and Metagaming.

After this adventure the party set off for the Howling Spire, to speak with Lein-Ahmik, the Couatl they had spoken to before when seeking the Helm of the Horde. The creature had few answers, but instead pointed them in the direction of a powerful Being named Faelivir, that lived within a sacred place further East and North. He also mentioned that he foresaw his own death and that Faelivir could take his place guarding the North-Gate, against the Darkness Below, a Nightmare created or found by the Dwarves and Illithids of Gulinzharia.

In order to reach the Tapuravale where Faelivir resided, the party needed to appease the Taurens, with Trials of the North. During the Trial of Community, in which the party was tasked with hunting a taniwha-Mammoth, they stumbled upon hatching Remorhaz larvae. The creatures emerged from beneath the ground and in the ensuing battle Bronagh fell and was killed. Just as she died, her pet Iven revealed himself to be a gigantic Silver Dragon named Ecthelion, Guardian of Mielikki. Ecthelion took Bronagh’s body to the Tauren village, where a Priest was found to perform the Resurrection Ritual.

Bronagh was brought back to life, and the group slept restlessly that night, receiving a dream from the Couatl of his demise. “There is no time. She comes for me.” Spurred on, the party completed the Trials and set off for Tapuravale. Their last obstacle came while crossing the ice sheet to reach the sacred isle. The Leviathan struck from beneath the frozen water and destroyed the Orcs that had joined them. Shammah was swallowed whole and brought down into the icy depths of the frigid seas to his end.

Disheartened at their loss, Dasterbolt and Bronagh reached the isle formed of an ancient reef, within which Faelivir resided. She met with them and Bronagh and Dasterbolt convinced the Being to leave her home, the place she guarded against death and darkness to go to the Howling Spire and give them aid. She took them to the Spire and they found there the symbol of the Nameless God, and the words written in the Couatl’s blood: “A New World is Coming.”

Chapter 37
Noor Bommelton

After tying and gagging BlazerX, the party rested within the Weirwood. Bronagh managed to clear BlazerX of her memory-modification, which revealed that her real name was Gurta Bommelton and that she was Dasterbolt’s sister. Dasterbolt found out that his real name was Noor and that he was born into slavery under the rule of an Illithid Master in a demiplane. His parents had fought against the Illithid (whose name was Sthalut) and their minds were broken beneath his psychic assault. Other Gnomes and members of other races were still enslaved within the demiplane by the Illithid, but Noor had found some way to escape by secretly reading texts within the Illithid’s Library. When he did escape, the Illithid tried to stop him, causing the spell to scatter Noor’s journal pages and Noor’s memory.
The party decided they needed to gather allies to go try to defeat Sthalut and free the slaves from his rule. They received help from Ramas, and the Blood Hunters Morgan and Tessel, the three of them would meet the party in Solenar at the Troll and Toad.
Bronagh also contacted Archaius, who agreed to meet them there, though he did say it would take him a while to get to the tavern. Dasterbolt recruited a member of the Society, a dwarf rogue named Vonana.
While preparing in Solenar, Carrion warned that they needed to be sure this was the right course of action, since the quest they were currently pursuing seemed more pressing to himself. The others disagreed, preparing for a strike into the Illithid’s demiplane.
Dasterbolt met with Meilan and found that she was not interested in his romantic advances. His heart was broken, and he bought another cake which he shared with Bronagh.
Carrion met with Barabbas in Solenar, and they spoke about his wish to not kill the Heroes of Nost that he was traveling with. He showed Barabbas Kelemvor’s Soul-cutter and said that he would ensure that word of Reaver’s existence and whereabouts would be kept quiet while he traveled with them. Barabbas agreed to let their clients know that a shadow was watching the group, ready to maintain their silence without bloodshed, for now.
Bronagh communed with Mielikki and researched what she could about Illithids, but it was difficult to find much of worth, as they are a dead race to most and only very old tales are left about them. It seems a solitary Illithid was strange, and that Illithids were considered very intelligent and knowledge-driven. As for the Demiplane, it seemed to not be of legendary importance, but she found that demiplanes have been known to be constructed or founded by very powerful magic-users.
Archaius, last to arrive, met with Bronagh and Dasterbolt privately. He told them he had learned more about the Everlock on the cube that Dasterbolt had handed to him. It needed to be presented specific circumstances in order to be opened, and usually that included a phrase or password as well. He had researched the love of Lagiocrys, Seeker of Secrets. Her name was Brynioth, Giver of Knowledge, and she fell ill while Lagiocrys was on a quest. When Lagiocrys received the message that she was dying, he hurried to her side. But he arrived back too late to see her, and he mourned and lamented her passing. Archaius expressed his excitement that he was uncovering the story and his belief that it was all connected somehow.
Having gathered their team, the nine people locked hands and Dasterbolt cast the spell that would transport them to another plane.
In a flash they were there, appearing in a forest as a large multi-coloured snail with five tentacles slid toward them and many-tentacled levitating brain-creatures descended from the trees above.
They had entered the Illithid’s demiplane, and its abominations were hungry.

Chapter 36
BlazerX and the Mark of Mystery

Staying with Bronagh’s family for a couple of nights, the Party dealt with some loose ends. Bronagh met with Liam and her brother, showed her a mysterious ore vein found beneath the city of Thesselmar. The vein seemed to lead off SouthWest towards Ulduar, the mountain of their ancestors. The ore itself possessed amazing properties in weapon and armor making, and they were calling it Folgrimore.

Dasterbolt met with a botanist who agreed to watch his Serpent egg until it hatched for a fee.
Carrion tried to pawn off some items in town.

Dasterbolt and Bronagh read the letters sent to them by Ramas Uthrakt and Archaius Noctivagan. Ramas had requested to meet with Dasterbolt within the Weirwood, in the ruins of Anfail where they had fought and defeated Cathartes.

As the Party was setting out for the Weirwood, they spotted a female Gnome with the same mark as Dasterbolt’s shoulder, upon her forehead. They spoke with the Gnome who called herself BlazerX and after some prying they found out that she did not have memory beyond a certain point in the recent past, much like Dasterbolt himself.

She tried to cast a spell via a scroll but was unsuccessful. When asked she seemed to deny that she had done it, and avoided any scrutiny about the fact. She also tried to cast a few more spells which were summarily dealt with before she came along with the Party to Anfail.

Before reaching the ruins, Carrion spotted several watchmen in the trees, that had similar weapons as Ramas, and so the Party continued forward. Within the clearing, Ramas confronted Dasterbolt and asked for his participation in a ritual to determine his home plane. Ramas seemed adamant about the ritual, and firm about the possibility of danger from Dasterbolt. After performing the blood ritual, involving cutting Dasterbolt’s hand, the Blood Hunters determined that Dasterbolt was not born on the Material Plane or the Feywild.

Before further details could be interpreted, Dasterbolt spoke with his friends and BlazerX got Dasterbolt to walk away where she tried to cast spells on him again. Carrion stabbed the female Gnome and Bronagh knocked her unconscious with her staff.


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