Chapter 17

Into the Weirwood

The Adventurers decided to explore the rest of Lady Amanta’s Manor and discovered in the master bedroom more Fey Plants and another Satyr. Defeating the strange corrupted plants, the Four left the Manor to see Corvul across the street. The Kenku spoke hesitantly of someone that he had found, and revealed that he had brought Shammah’s friend Ramas Uthrakt to the outskirts of the Manor. Ramas explained that he had been lured to Ravenholme after encountering dangerous Fey creatures in the Weirwood (the Forest of the East Wilds). He believed that the Fey that led him to Ravenholme and the Fey that the Adventurers had encountered were distractions and diversions despite their danger. The real threat lay in the Weirwood. When he had tracked down the dangerous Fey that had led him to Ravenholme he had obtained a warped ring that could allow one to penetrate the Barriers between planes and transport to the Barrier-plane itself: the Feywild. He proposed that reaching the threat could be possible through the use of this ring, though he also advised against it because of the inherent danger. Deciding against the use of such an object the adventurers set off on horses for the Weirwood.

They received a letter from Archaius while preparing to leave. The Story-Collector had written that he had uncovered some very interesting and possibly important information about the mysterious cube and the Silver Dragon Lagiocrys. Writing quickly back to him, Bronagh told him that they would be heading in the direction of Thesselmar and that they HAD to leave, it was very urgent and they were sorry not to be able to wait for him. Dasterbolt also began to work on a letter to Meilan.

The Adventurers traveled swift on their horses and passed through Thesselmar without stopping, to come upon the reaches of the Weirwood. Entering into the ancient mystical forest, they encountered some giant spiders’ webs and Bronagh was able to turn the spiders’ minds to friendship with Mielikki’s love of creatures.

Leaving the spiders behind, they were confronted with a line of mysterious mushrooms sprouting from the forest floor. Albinon’s magic was able to glean information from the fungi, and found that they were a defensive barrier that would knock out any who passed and tell Cathartes of any intruders as well. They extended in both directions, presenting a border on the area of the Weirwood that contained the dead village of Anfail, Shammah’s former home. Trying to simply pass by the barrier, they stepped through, some resisting but others (Bronagh, Iven, and Albinon) falling into a sleep disturbed by horrible nightmares. After bringing pain to the dreamers they were able to wake them and continue on their journey. Reaching the center of the area, they came upon the remains of the Elven village of Anfail, and in its center was a figure familiar to Shammah Meliamne.

Erdan Amakiir, who had seen the deaths of so many, spoke of despair that he had descended into, until he received hope and purpose from a Fey lord named Cathartes. Erdan spoke of the natural order of things being the Feywild overtaking the material realm, the Gods descending from beyond the Barrier.

Then Cathartes himself appeared, and spoke of these goals as well, and the trees at the borders of the village began to move and sway at his voice.


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