Chapter 18


Within the ruins of Anfail, Shammah, Bronagh, Dasterbolt, and Albinon confronted a Fey Lord, Cathartes, who was seeking to tear open a portal from the Feywild to the Material realm, with the ultimate goal of bringing the Gods down once again to the Material Plane. He explained his reasoning for doing so by claiming to be the manifestation of the dream of Paulthor and Vannan (two Elves who wished for the same thing in ancient times, see The Tale of Paulthor and Vannan).
Albinon successfully wrested the charm of Erdan away from Cathartes, and battle commenced.
After a grueling battle among the ruins, while many lay fallen, Dasterbolt consumed Cathartes in the blast of his Scroll of Fireball.
Moments later, Cathartes’ ashes assumed a semblance of his form and spoke once more as if from a distance: “I see it here and now. I am not the dream of Paulthor and Vannan… There is going to be, was, and is, a child. I am the dream of their child, Destroyer of Worlds.” And then the ashes collapsed.
In the aftermath, the adventurers rested while Erdan wandered beneath the canopy of trees.


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