Chapter 19

Partings and Reunions

The Company spoke the morning after Cathartes’ defeat of what their next plans would be, and Albinon expressed his desire to go alone.

Erdan too, after some convincing, decided to see more of the world than the borders of the Weirwood and hopefully find some solace from his actions.

Ramas stayed in the ruins, to ensure that the tear between the Material and the Feywild could be repaired or at least reduced, with the aid of the other members of his Blood Hunter team, which were on their way.

Dasterbolt, Bronagh, and Shammah decided to head West to Thesselmar. There, they met with Bronagh’s father, Hundlar, and brother, Lodin. Her family was overjoyed to see her, and mentioned that her arrival had been heralded by one Archaius Noctivagan, who was given a place to stay in the Merchants’ Court.

The next morning, the three companions spoke with Archaius. Archaius returned Bronagh’s book of lore, and thanked her for lending it to him, mentioning in particular the older version of the Tale of the Hunter and the Finder, which contained names and other attributes that greatly intrigued him.

The Story-Collector told them of his new quest, to find the journal of Brynioth, the dragon mate of Lagiocrys Seeker of Secrets. The journal is supposedly being kept within the Opus Synopsium, the grand archives of the Dragonborn in the Encircling Peaks.

While conversing, Dasterbolt suggested they find out more about each other, in order to foster trust between the four of them. To do this, he said they could create a Zone of Truth with Bronagh’s divine magic and ask questions of each other. Archaius reacted negatively to this suggestion, becoming increasingly angry and upset.

To demonstrate his level of trust and cooperation with Archaius, Dasterbolt handed over the mysterious cube to the Story-Collector, who was awed by this display. Archaius took the cube with reverence and then decided to acquiesce to their demands for more answers about himself (after a brief hesitation by Shammah on whether or not to strike Archaius down).

Archaius: “I do not know what I am. I thought I was a Dragonborn but there are subtle differences that only Dragonborn noticed.”
“I was raised far from civilization. I do not wish to speak of my mother.”
“I am 293 years old.”

After this discussion, Archaius packed up his things and departed for the Encircling Peaks.


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