Chapter 21

The Dragon and the Couatl

The adventurers were given prisms that could summon animals and temporary epic boon potions to aid them in their battle against the great Copper Dragon, Pyrinthodion. A battle ensued, in the dragon’s lair, with a Rhino and Elephant charging into the fray alongside Bronagh, Shammah and Dasterbolt. Though the Dragon was a powerful foe, the adventurers were victorious, giving him good enough that he took some damage and perceived it to be worthy of a tale.

In return for their run-through of his soon-to-be-abandoned lair, the Copper Dragon granted them gifts: a Helm of Telepathy, a set of Copper Dragon Scale armor and an Immovable Rod.

The Party returned to the surface, and to Nost, to tell Brammyl the good news that the Dragon threat was dealt with, and to celebrate they went pig-wrestling with the jolly Dwarf.

The Party decided to head North to speak with the Couatl they had met in the Howling Spire while searching for the Helm of the Horde. They journeyed through the Frostpeak Mountains and reached the Spire and found their mysterious acquaintance.

Lein-ahmik, the powerful Couatl, told them more of his duties as Warden of the North-Gate, guarding against a Curse/Weapon from below that was formed during an ancient war between the Dwarves and the Illithids. He also said that he could sense his death approaching and that it was somehow connected with the Party, who he named as Twisters of Fate. The Couatl had no more information on Reaver or the Prophecy, other than to direct them to someone who he believed could help: a Being of great power named Faelivir.


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