Chapter 23

Hunters and Hunted

Dasterbolt and Bronagh slept fitfully through the night after Bronagh’s resurrection, their dreams being intruded upon by the Couatl saying “There is no time. She comes for me.” Upon waking, the party tried to convince Satunda and the Tauren elders that they needed to take the Trials in a different order, so as to reach Faelivir faster but to no avail. The party decided to follow through with the Trials out of respect, and headed out once more to the SouthEast to hunt down the Mammoth herd.

After a couple days of travel, the party climbed a small rise and below them was the herd of large Mammoths. Dasterbolt scouted ahead, and was able to get very close without the creatures noticing his small gnomish form. Bronagh and Shammah cautiously approached, but Shammah disturbed a small ground-nesting bird. Bronagh then used the bird’s viewpoint to find the location of the Mammoth they sought. Dasterbolt turned himself into his own version of the bird, and flapped up to hover above the Mammoth with the white shoulder-patch, the Taniwha-spirit of the Trial of Community. The Gnome wizard successfully transformed the mammoth into a saber-toothed tiger, using all of his intellect to do so, losing concentration on his flying. Slamming into the tiger and losing concentration on its transformation, Dasterbolt found himself, winded, atop the Mammoth target. He was only able to stay on top of the heaving mass of woolly fur and muscle as the Mammoth charged outward toward Shammah and Bronagh, who had called out the challenge.

After a brief battle, and chase on Dasterbolt’s part, the Mammoth was slain. Shammah and Bronagh each took a tusk of the Mammoth, removing them from the skull. Shammah’s was a little neater, but Bronagh polished hers up. They seemed about the same level of worthiness when presented to Satunda.

The final path of their journey lay northward further, across the frozen ocean to the Island of Tapuravale. They encountered a band of orcs led by Miloka, members of the Firegash tribe who approved of the Helmbreakers and mentioned that they were seeking to observe the Leviathan that frequented the frigid ocean below the ice.

The next day, with the Island in sight, the Leviathan attacked the group, decimating a pack of warg-riding orcs that were riding toward the party. The monster burst forth once more and tore through some of the orcs escorting the Helmbreakers, before gripping Shammah in its massive maw and swallowing the wood elf whole.


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