Chapter 25

Journeys and Jailtime

Dasterbolt and Bronagh learned from Faelivir of the Guardians that she wished them to seek. The white wolf explained that though the Gods had left Euontel’s Material Plane they had left behind some remnants of their power, whether intentionally or not. One such remnant was herself, as she revealed her ancestry to date back to the War against the Nameless God, in which Mielikki marched with a pack of wolves by her side. The Two Guardians she wished Dasterbolt and Bronagh to find were Shakhath and Mesonyr Watcher of Waters.

The one in the Abyssal Wastes, was Shakath, a human with incredible gifts and access to magic, seeking after a rumour about a knife of death, a dagger that was said to be Kelemvor’s soul-cutter.

The other, Mesonyr, Watcher of Waters had taken up residence in the Endless Sea, guarding an ancient creature, the Last Physeterian, within a place where many currents converge, the Sporanzo Sea.

Faelivir also spoke of Caladhris, the Pale Woman of Savras’ prophecy, and said that this Elven Sorceress often cropped up in tales but only during certain periods of history. The most recent she knew of was a tale said to have taken place 1000 years ago, in which Caladhris stole the mind of the Head Archivist of the Dragonborn, Orlaskan. She also mentioned that Caladhris was said to have stolen the cloak of the Raven Queen herself, which Faelivir doubted.

Bronagh told Ramas and Erdan about Shammah’s death, and they were thankful for her letting them know what had happened.

They left the Isle of Tapuravale together, riding on the back of Faelivir. They reached the Howling Spire with great speed, and upon entering found the Couatl was not there. Instead, written in what seemed to be the creature’s purplish blood was the symbol of the Nameless God, and the message in Sylvan: “A New World is Coming”.

Leaving this disturbing scene, Bronagh and Dasterbolt received a charm from Faelivir to aid them on their journeys ahead, for she said they were dangerous places to go. Bronagh and Dasterbolt met up with Dasterwolf (Nashoba), and attempted to hunt for her. They felt Shammah’s absence then in their fumbling attempts to hunt caribou but eventually managed to get some meat for the worg pup.

The duo and their Worg stray traveled West to Moskva and found the village being repaired and rebuilt from the raids of the Orcs. Natasha informed them that the next ship was scheduled to arrive in about a month. Bronagh sent a message to Bosco and Bell, to meet them there and take them to Solenar if they were willing.

After a few days in Moskva (Dasterbolt hunting Caribou with the Wand of Wonder), the Osborn Gale arrived. Bosco was very upset when Bronagh told him what had happened to Shammah, as he had been training with his quarterstaff, and taking lessons with Bell in how to fight and defend themselves. The voyage to Solenar was uneventful, other than the growing bond between Gnome and Worg.

Dasterbolt and Bronagh stayed at the Toad and Stool, and did various shopping (Dastiff the second, and a pseudodragon were acquired) and researching trips. Dasterbolt met with Meilen and gave her the flowers he had picked in the north tundra. They did some winks and Dasterbolt told her he’d meet again with her in a couple nights.

Dasterbolt and Bronagh, then met up with Grandelf the Stray, an elderly Elven woman who was traveling around. She recognized the Heroes of Nost and wished to travel with them, because she was adventuring about to see the world before she passed on.

Dasterbolt was excited, but Bronagh was not exactly keen on the idea, not wishing to endanger an old woman’s life on the mission they were currently undertaking.

Bronagh eventually went to bed, after it was revealed that a disguise self spell was cast on Grandelf to make herself appear slightly younger than her features were beneath.
Dasterbolt convinced Grandelf to go on a little caper, that ended rather poorly. Dasterbolt successfully distracted the guards, but Grandelf failed to be subtle while placing the “Kick me” sign on the guards’ back.

While being escorted to a night in prison for disrespecting the guards, Dasterbolt and Grandelf made their magical escapes. Returning to a very disappointed Bronagh, the two turned themselves in at the prison in the Bronze Plaza.


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