Chapter 26

A Thief in the Night

Dasterbolt and Grandelf served their jailtime in Solenar. They were both interrogated by the High Inquisitor, and were asked if they knew the name Stormhawk, which none of them did. Dasterbolt mentioned dire events were coming to the world and that disorder was threatened.

Gathering supplies and purchasing two horses, the party left Solenar for the Abyssal Waste. They traveled by road, covering a large amount of ground quickly. They arrived on the outskirts of Thesselmar.

The next morning, Bronagh and Dasterbolt awoke to find Grandelf gone. After a brief investigation, they also found Reaver gone from the Bag of Holding. Shocked and infuriated, the two raced into Thesselmar and riled up the guards to search for someone with a magical sword. They tried to find Grandelf, but were unsuccessful. They were successful in frightening an old man.

After a day of searching the city, they rode off back to their original campsite beside the road, deciding the quest must go on.


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