Ecthelion, Guardian of Mielikki (Iven)


A great silver dragon of massive size and power, Ecthelion traveled for a time with Bronagh Stonejaw in the form of a small silver-furred marten. Bronagh named him Iven.

Ecthelion revealed his true form in Chapter 22 when Bronagh lost her life to a swarm of Remorhaz emerging from the ground in the Northern Wilds. He carried her body back to the Tauren Healer and pleaded for Mielikki to bring Bronagh back. Once Bronagh returned to life, Ecthelion gave her some of his scales and regretfully took his leave of her, hoping that someday in the far future, he could see her again.


Ecthelion, Guardian of Mielikki (Iven)

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