Chapter 16
Rainfall in Ravenholme

After a day of travel away from the capital and toward the city of Ravenholme, Bronagh used her more powerful connection with her Goddess to sever the connection between Reaver and Albinon, allowing Albinon to bond with the dragonbone sword (once Serakna’s weapon) that she upgraded for him, the Blade of Choice.

Another week and a half of travel, brought the party to the mudflats as rain threatened on the horizon. When they finally reached the outskirts of Ravenholme, they were halted by a trio of Kenku, who demanded they pay them for entrance. Dasterbolt paid with a particularly glowing copper coin, and Albinon promised the Baron Fedolish would pay for the rest of them, so Corvul accompanied them on their journey to the Baron’s Estate.

The Kenku stayed outside the Baron’s Fortress as the party entered into the chamber of Baron Fedolish himself. They spoke with the corpulent man on his high throne and Albinon was allowed access to the Baron’s archives, which he searched for anything to do with the St. Clair family. Dasterbolt gave Fedolish his jar of whale oil, to convince the Baron to join the ranks of the Society. After this, he helped Albinon and Bronagh search the chaotic bookshelves, and found a book that contained various rumors collected from the ‘common folk’. One such tale told of a merchant who had passed by the St. Clair Estate soon after tragedy had struck it. He picked up a lone traveler on the road who was a young man of 12 or 13. This boy disturbed the merchant, for though he appeared to be blind, the youth seemed to handle himself with confidence and eerie maturity. The boy was dropped off in Ravenholme some twenty years ago.

The party then received a request by the Baron to retrieve wine from the Lady Amanta’s, who had not been returning letters to the Baron for some time. Bronagh relented in paying Corvul for the ‘protection of the Fallen Flock’, feeling sorry for the Kenku who had waited at Albinon’s magical Suggestion for no recompense. When the party reached Lady Amanta’s manor, they found it eerily empty, and rain fell into the garden where Albinon caused the flowers to blossom. Entering inside, Bronagh found a deck of strangely marked cards, which she put in her pack. They then stumbled upon a body spread on the floor of an adjoining chamber, with a plant growing out of the victim’s chest. Shammah recognized the plant as a tree native to the Weirwood, the Forest of the East Wilds.

Searching the other side of the house, they found another body laid out in a similar manner. This time, the plant was not present, but the gaping wound in the servantwoman’s chest was evident that one had been grown here as well. Entering the basement, the party was confronted by a fey creature that took on multiple appearances, many of them Elves that Shammah recognized from his village. They also defeated a strange satyr with deer horns rather than goat, and death dogs that the Fey changer summoned. Oldorth Resenol, who had been sent by the Baron to retrieve wine was spread on the cellar floor, with a plant growing from his chest. Albinon stuffed several bottles of wine into his hat of holding and the party stood in the cold wine cellar, determining their next course of action.

Chapter 15
Albinon Buys a Hat or The Whale Oil Heist

Upon entering the city of Solenar, the Adventurers parted ways with Xander and his troupe of performers. Albinon led them to the unlit district, Dice Alley, where they stayed at an inn called the Toad and Stool. Albinon was tired after the long walk there and went promptly to bed.

He woke up next morning to find the other three off on some adventure, and enjoyed a delicious breakfast in the dining room of the tavern. After tipping the serving girl and bidding adieu to Arnald Fielding, the barkeep, he headed off to the Polished Crimson Vestibule or “PolCrim” for a bit of shopping. On the way he thought he heard a Gnome asking for directions to a pet store and shook his head despairingly.

The Human Bard strode into the first clothing store he could find. Too gaudy, he thought instantly, disturbed by the colours and the scent of perfume wafting by him.
The next was too practical, full of adventuring gear, some mud-stained from use and frayed at the edges.

The Third was Just right. After trying on several hats in the corner, he found one that fit his head and his style, accentuating his roguish smile (rare though it was) and crowning his dour pouts with poise.

He celebrated his excellent purchase with a stroll about the streets of Solenar, and munched some rare imported Maple Treats from the town of Nost. He found them quite delightful and mused on his days traveling with a few strange characters. Who even were Bronagh, Shammah and Dasterbolt? He thought to himself.

Where even were they?! He went back to the tavern and found that they were gone. Albinon brooded and played cards in the tavern, winning and losing, and returning to his original balance. Then he went to sleep.

He was roughly awakened by his three companions returning, talking all at once (Bronagh and Dasterbolt, anyway). They told him they needed to leave the city and so they rushed out into the night, leaving Solenar behind after 24 hours within its walls.

Dasterbolt Bronagh and Shammah struggled to play a game of cards in their room after planning their day in Solenar.

Dasterbolt then went and bought a Mastiff from a Halfling female named Agenilda. The three went to the library next, and Bronagh looked up the St. Clair family, while Dasterbolt and Shammah spoke with Archaius. Archaius admitted defeat on his search for information about the symbol on Dasterbolt’s shoulder. But his research into the symbol on the cube led him to believe it belonged to an old cult of dragon-worshippers. He suggested that it was a relic from a dragon hoard. Bronagh lent Archaius a book she had purchased, titled A Creed of Legends and Archaius seemed to like this a lot.

Dasterbolt commissioned a tailor to work on constructing his cloak and wyvern skull into a stylish outfit.

Then the three of them searched for the Luminators and possible sources of Whale oil. A Society agent met with them near the Docks, and led Dasterbolt on a meandering path back to Dice Alley, where she revealed herself to be Meilan Ravasatra, a contact in the network of “Informants” that Dasterbolt was a part of. After many winks (some sleazy, some skilled) Shammah dropped from the roof above them, and Bronagh clanked around to join the conversation as well.

They planned to steal from a vat of whale oil in the Museum storeroom. After a quick reconnaissance, and Bronagh using her shame-bringing lying skills, the Heist began at night. A brief tangle with a door-turned-mimic brought Dasterbolt close to death, but the skills of the team ended the threat, Shammah’s rapier slicing the door in two.

They found the storeroom and each scooped a jar of whale oil from the vat. Then they ran into animated skeletons of dinosaurs and a killer whale blocking their exit. Shammah’s rapier and Dasterbolt and Bronagh’s magic destroyed the bony warriors. Even the clawed foot that fled from Bronagh’s divine power was cut down by the Wood elf’s swift blade.
Upon leaving, the three ran to wake up Albinon, tell him the tale and get out of Solenar!

Chapter 14
The Road to Solenar

The Adventurers left Bronagh’s home in the Southern Hemwood, Albinon finding that Reaver detested the area. Bronagh constructed her Blade of Blessing and Bane, and presented it to Albinon. He took the blade but had a difficult time giving up Reaver, barely succeeding in handing the dark blade over to Bronagh.

After a brief encounter with an invisible trickster as Albinon tried to cut some herbs and the loss of a single gold coin, the Adventurers met up with a traveling troupe of entertainers on the Road. They offered to cart them to Solenar for a song a story and a quest. Agreeing (somewhat reluctantly) to this proposition, Albinon performed in a mandolin battle against Alvold Lightcrest of Nost. Alvold lost to Albinon, who performed brilliantly. Dasterbolt told the epic tale of Dasterbolt, filled with harrowing escapes from Dire Vultures and his singlehanded defeat of many wyverns. The next several days they pressed on southward.

They reached the spot where Zylfina’s ex-boyfriend was supposed to have set up camp. The Adventurers went off into the woods to find the remnants of the camp and a swath of destroyed and poisoned forest that cut its way Southward. After some investigation, they discovered it was created by the passage of a very large dragon. The Draconologist traveling with the troupe, Soli Shimma also looked at the tracks and sign, concluding that Quoloth the Poisoner, a massive green dragon had been through and was looking to set up a den.
More days passed before they saw the starlike silvery lights of the great city of Solenar spread before them at dusk.

Chapter 13
Return to Nost

The Adventurers made their way further south, through the Frostpeak mountains and through the Hemwood. Thanks to Shammah’s memory of place and sense of direction, they made it back to the path that started their adventures together, the North Road. They then saw a white raven that delivered a sealed letter to Shammah.

Upon returning to Nost, they discovered that the Guard had been bolstered by soldiers from Solenar due to the possible threat of Orc invasion. The soldiers were led by Captain Rylav. The Adventurers spoke with Commander Loradov and told him of their success in halting the invasion. He was extremely grateful for their saving the citizens of Moskva and his sister among them.

After a night at the tavern and some more letters received, they set out for Bronagh’s place in the Southern Hemwood. They reached it, and stayed the night there before they planned to head to Solenar.

Chapter 12
The Frostpeak Mountains

Breaking camp and continuing southward, the Adventurers came upon an Orc squad heading North toward the Broken Spine, where they had been recalled by the Tribe leaders. They had knowledge of the Adventurers’ deeds, and acknowledged the strength the four companions had shown, in Bronagh’s defeat of Serakna Drakebane. After a brief conversation with the orcs’ leader, Luvgar, they continued on their journey and entered the mountain pass that led south toward the Hemwood.

Between the towering peaks of the Frostpeak mountains, they encountered a Wyvern which poisoned Albinon to near-death with its stinger before it was scorched by Dasterbolt’s magic. Albinon then led the party to explore a side-cave, which contained tendrils of strange monsters waiting for prey. with a burned shoulder, Albinon pushed through and dug at a disturbed area of the cavern floor. This led him into an encounter with a giant cave spider’s web and the monster herself. Shammah leapt down onto the web, placing his bedroll between himself and the sticky substance, and stabbed between the strands, piercing the spider’s maw with his rapier.

A shaken Albinon was retrieved from the pit, and Shammah noticed his silvered oak leaf’s glow. The four camped outside the cavern in the mountain pass for night.

Chapter 11
The Dividing Blade

Bronagh’s defeat of Serakna left her wearing the Helm and having a say in the Northern Horde of Orcs’ future. She spoke with the Orc Chieftains of the various tribes and tried to tell them that the rampaging way that Serakna had led them in was not honorable. She told them (and Dasterbolt also urged them) that they could fight great monsters and threats to the world, rather than murdering villages. She broke the Helm and gave pieces of it to each Chieftain, as a symbol of their own power, that they should not have a single ruler over all the Orcs. They took these and allowed the Adventurers to leave, after they had looted Serakna’s body and Albinon had gathered materials from the Dragon’s corpse.

The Adventurers traveled southward through the Broken Spine, defeating a pair of rock-serpents and continuing out into the Horizontal Forest. Their camp within the Forest was far from peaceful. Bronagh stealthily slipped the blade of Reaver from Albinon’s pack while he slept and brought it outside the camp to attempt to destroy it. Her attack brought pain to Albinon, jolting him and the rest of the party awake to confront her. After much deliberation, the party (against Bronagh’s vote) decided to allow Albinon to keep the sword and use it, but that they should find a temple to cleanse it of its evil nature.

Chapter 10
The Helm of the Horde

Albinon went back on his decision to leave the dark blade, and left the Howling Spire with Reaver on his back. The Orcs marched West toward the Broken Spine, and toward the duel with Serakna. Accompanying the Wargs they sent for, was the Warlord herself, atop a White Dragon wyrmling, with its wings removed. They noticed the Hammerath symbols on Bronagh’s shield and Albinon’s armour. A tense conversation was held, before the Orcs that accompanied the Adventurers sided with Bronagh’s claim to a duel, wishing to see the fight and beginning to doubt Serakna’s leadership.

After further journeying, the Adventurers reached the Den where the fight would be held, and Bronagh faced the Orc Warlord. When Serakna was beaten almost to death, the white dragon charged into the arena to the dismay and outrage of the Orc onlookers. When the dragon attacked and at Dasterbolt’s urging, the Orcs rushed in to slay it together, Bronagh smiting the Orc would-be Warlord with a Sacred Flame and burning the Wyrmling as well.

Chapter 9
The Northern Wilds

The Adventurers convinced the people of Moskva to leave their assaulted town, speaking with their leader Natasha Loradov and braving their strong drink Muslaka. Shammah presented his quarterstaff to the Halfling Bosco and told him to learn to defend himself, and others around him. Albinon secretly spoke with the Monk Alyosha Karamazov in his domed abode at the edge of town whether he knew anything about demon possession and how to destroy a demon. The Monk told him the Tale of the Great Teacher on the Desert Island, and said that choice is always involved in a demon possession, at least to some degree. He didn’t know of any way to destroy demons, but suggested seeking a cleric of a Good-aligned God of Light or life.

They set out North through the Horizontal forest, avoiding a dangerous encounter with a Great Gray Owlbear. They crossed the Glowing Fields of Snow through the strong North Wind and saw across the frozen water the spire of ice that they sought. Seeing the draconic monster that lurked below the ice, they walked as carefully as possible to reach the mounds surrounding the Howling Spire’s base. In these they saw a floating light, and frozen corpses with shining armour. None gave in to the temptation to take the armour for themselves. They passed inside the Spire and followed the orange light into a chamber of crystalline statues. This was an old place, made by the Nelduar, the People of the Wind who appeared to be humanoid-avians.

After defeating the Shadows that lurked in the chamber, and the Wisp that had led them there, the Adventurers found another chamber with an invisible Couatl that spoke of mysterious things. It spoke into their minds, and told them it was a member of Alluvion Terminus, and said he was guarding against a doom far more terrible than orcs. He also revealed some impressions of Dasterbolt (“a mystery even to me”) and Albinon (“a creature of lust and greed who has done terrible things”) to Bronagh. Shammah’s mind resisted the being’s mental penetration.

They carried on, acquired the key and entered the Hidden Armoury to find the Helm of the Horde. Albinon also picked up and discarded a dark-looking blade that spoke within his mind.

After another conversation with the Couatl, they found themselves faced with a party of Orcs entering the Spire. Bronagh put on the Helm, and Dasterbolt played some Illusion magic tricks to convince the Orcs that Bronagh had a claim to the Horde and should fight Warlord Serakna. After some convincing, the Orcs agreed to take them to the Den where the fight should be witnessed.

Chapter 8
Worg Raid on Moskva

Mikhail fell to an orc arrow in the shoulder and worg-riding orcs arrived on the outskirts of the village of Moskva. The Adventurers fought a battle in the streets of the far Northern town, with the aid of a half-dozen Moskva hunters. Despite the flaming arrows being fired at the homes, none burned down or sustained much damage.

When battle broke out, a human in a grey cloak ran across the snow and swiftly fell to the barrage of orc arrows. He made a huge mistake.

Orcs and Worgs were dispatched by the brave stand and the Captain fought Albinon in a vicious duel that ended with a spear through the Bard’s side. Before Albinon succumbed to his wounds, Bronagh stood between him and the bloodthirsty captain punching and casting Inflict wounds through her divine magic, saving her friend’s life and turning the tide of the battle.

One Worg-rider made it past the fight and ignited the Osborn Gale aflame before being slain by a well-placed bolt from Natasha Loradov. The flames were put out by Shammah, Dasterbolt, and Albinon before the Human Bard and the Gnome Wizard launched into a chase to loot the enemies.

Through various shenanigans including a snake-staff and Halfling-terror they scrambled back to find an infurated and disappointed Dwarf Cleric with no time for their nonsense.
Meanwhile, Shammah found no sign of anymore villagers on the South side of Moskva, instead finding abandoned houses.

Chapter 7
The Voyage to Moskva

The Adventurers spent two more days in the city of Nost, buying and selling weapons and items. Albinon met with a man named Oldorth Resenol in the Silver Pig tavern, who had been waiting for him. After some discussion, persuasion, pain, and haggling, Albinon received 250 gold from the man in exchange for the fingerbones of Velric the Dragonslayer.

Bronagh spoke with Archaius and the story-collector shared with her The Tale of the Hunter and the Finder in Sylvan. He also asked her to search for more information about the story and to tell him if she found any. The dwarf Cleric asked Archaius about what he knew of the Riddle-poem they had discovered within Hammerath Fortress and any information about the other items found within the ancient ruins. Archaius told her that the Lizardfolk travel from the Jungle to the East (Tlavast) to worship the bones of Lagiocrys, and that’s what the bowl of burned leaves were laid out for. He also directed the Adventurers to the Northern Wilds for their search for the Hidden Armoury. Bronagh also received a letter with the Guard-Commander’s seal to take to his sister, Natasha, who lived in Moskva, a town past the Frostpeak mountains and near the Coast of the continent, just within the Northern Wilds. He said that it would tell Natasha to aid the Adventurers in their quest.

Deciding to travel by sea, so as to avoid trekking through the mountain range to the North, the Adventurers met Bosco and Bell in the town of Westport, half a day’s travel east of Nost. They employed the Halfling siblings to take them aboard their inherited ship, the Osborn Gale, on a voyage North to the town of Moskva for 40 gold. Bosco and Bell told stories about their father, Osborn the Explorer, who in their opinion was the greatest explorer of all time.

Their first night at sea, they came under attack from the luminescent tentacles of a giant squid. Shammah threw Bosco down the hatch and out of harm’s way where he helped his sister get Albinon and Bronagh armored up for battle. Dasterbolt burned two tentacles from the beast with his scorching rays and Albinon and Shammah hacked away at others. Bronagh healed Dasterbolt from his scrape with a massive tentacle smack and blessed the others’ strikes. Once several tentacles were damaged or burned off, the kraken descended once more into the dark depths of the frigid waters.

The following three days passed by with only sightings of beluga whales, a bowhead whale and drifting snow during the shortened days as the journey proceeded northward. A storm halted the Osborn Gale’s progress during the next day, but on the morrow the ship reached its destination. Traveling down a canyon between rising walls of land, the ship came upon the miniscule dock of Moskva. The crew climbed a ladder attached to the ice and rock wall that rose on the south side of the canyon from the dock. Reaching the top, they met a resident of the small village of Moskva named Mikhail. Though it was noon, darkness shrouded the land and they followed Mikhail’s lantern across the strengthened rope bridge that crossed the gorge to Moskva’s North side. He led them to a long wooden building before he took an arrow in the shoulder and went down in the snow. The Adventurers looked with apprehension at Bronagh’s shield and ring, which cast a pale blue light onto the surrounding snow, and readied themselves for battle. The bray of a horn and the flicker of orange flames in the distance told them their enemy was also ready.


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