Chapter 2
Escape from the Pit

Upon waking in the chamber they had fallen into, the Adventurers decided to open the remaining doors. They opened the South Door first, which contained a stone coffin and some flasks lining a shelf beyond. The flasks were carried out carefully, and although they found out one was a health potion, they didn’t spend time figuring out the contents of the other three (two of dark red and steaming, one of dark almost black purple, constantly roiling. Within the stone coffin was a skeleton, wearing faded brown robes. The skeleton began to nod its head forward with an eerie light before it was blasted apart by Dasterbolt’s shocking grasp. Dasterbolt took the robes from the skeleton and wore them, despite their size leaving excess robe trailing behind the gnome. Shammah reached into the coffin and pulled out a ring of Fire resistance from the bones and put it on.

The Adventurers assembled outside of the West Door, the final unopened door in the chamber. They had heard scrabbling behind it earlier and when they opened it, a giant centipede rushed out and bit Shammah’s ankle, poisoning him. Dasterbolt pierced its exoskeleton with magic missiles, killing it instantly. Albinon rushed ahead and sent a thundering wave into the dark chamber, crushing a second centipede into the wall. Shammah picked up a sickle-shaped dagger from the floor of the chamber. They spied a small tunnel at the back of the chamber and a wider cave tunnel beyond. They heard the sound of wind faintly through it. Bronagh bandaged Shammah’s wound with her herbalist kit, and removed the poison. They also enjoyed a jar of peaches.

His wounds healed, Shammah clambered up a rope out of the pit and secured it for the rest of the party to join him. They went back to the North road after searching unsuccessfully for the cave tunnel they had spied from the West chamber. Continuing North, they encountered a maddened Dryad, who cried out to them (to Shammah, the Wood Elf in particular) for help. She said that her sisters were trapped “in web and snare”.   

After another half hour of travel north, they reached the bridge, and Refarra the huntress was waiting for them there. Across the bridge, a thick web blocked their path, and on the far side more webs could be seen sprawling from tree to tree. Bronagh cast Sacred Flame and burned the webbing away, revealing the remains of a cart on the road ahead. From the far side, in the forest’s borders, the sound of many legs crawling towards them could be heard.

Chapter 1
The North Road

Bronagh and Dasterbolt entered the city of Nost by the North Gate. They received a letter from a hurried courier (in green tunic) to meet with Brammyl Bolbrew (the Town Council Rep.) in the Silver Pig tavern. Upon entering, they were beckoned over to a table with Brammyl, and Albinon and Shammah were already there. Brammyl explained that he believed they were chosen by Savras (God of fate), which he pronounced Savros, to be heroes of the town of Nost and rescue the bones of Velric the Dragonslayer from whatever happened to them. The four set off across town to try to glean information and resources out of the Town Guard. They reached the Onyx Fortress and spoke with a young red-haired guard named Dremlit Canner. After finding that they could not simply enter the Fortress, they were confronted by the Town Guard Captain, Commander Loradov (Ilxalim Loradov), who bade them to hurry on their way North to the last known location of the cart carrying the bones. He also gave Bronagh four gold coins secretly, to help the adventurers without drawing too much attention to them. The Adventurers left the town, heading up the North Road. While traveling they heard a single set of footsteps in the woods. Refarra the huntress appeared and gave them a healing potion and some meats. She mentioned there were wolves about, and a bear, and told them that something was off in the forest she had called home for many years.

By evening, they reached the Redlim Farm, and stayed the night with Derro and Cora Redlim. The farming couple were very hospitable and gave them various items for their travels, as well as breakfast in the morning. Shammah stayed outside all night, and the farmers never knew there was a fourth member of the party. The Adventurers left the farmhouse in the morning, as it was just getting light out, and traveled down the North Road once again. Dasterbolt had left a rather bad impression on Cora Redlim, after he tried to trick her several times. The other two were quite courteous and much loved by the farmers, especially Bronagh.

Further North, along the Road, which was leaving civilized area behind, they noticed the truth of Refarra’s words, by the lack of birds or squirrels in the woods. Shammah searched about for signs of undead in the area surrounding and found nothing, so far. The Adventurers then spotted a single Raven in a tree branch overhanging the road. The Raven stared at Shammah, then each of the others in turn (even Dasterbolt who was stealthing in the woods). Albinon reacted by firing a crossbow bolt swiftly into its chest, killing it instantly. Upon inspection, they noticed nothing about the Raven that indicated it was anything other than a dead Raven. Shammah and Bronagh were not pleased with Albinon’s reaction, and Shammah took the bolt to put in his own supplies. As they looked at the fallen bird, they heard an anguished howl from nearby in the woods. An injured Worg was lying in a clearing, blood pouring into the snow from its side. They tried to communicate with the bleeding creature, but were unable to, though Albinon could understand its guttural cries, telling them to leave and threatening to kill them. It summoned enough strength to leap at them, but upon landing a bluish light escaped the ground and a 60-foot hole of ground opened up beneath them, tumbling them all 20 feet down. Amidst the rubble, the Adventurers discovered they were in a circular chamber with four equidistant doors in the walls. The Worg died in the fall. Bronagh read the symbol on the doors as “Blood and Fire” and the adventurers lit the torch beside the North and East doors and offered the Worg’s blood to the doors to open them. Inside the North door was a chest with coins. Inside the East door was a wooden coffin, with a skeleton inside. The skeleton’s eyesockets held blue gemstones, and its hands held a longsword. While Dasterbolt tried to search through the coffin with his Mage Hand, the door sealed behind him, and the skeleton began to rise. Dasterbolt used Burning Hands against it, but the cone of fire in the small space did damage to them both, leaving the Gnome with little health. The rest of the party hurried to reopen the door, and succeeded. Shammah rushed inside, and sent pieces of bone flying about the room with a destructive swing of his rapier blade. One of the bones struck a strange cube by the door of the chamber that none had noticed before. The cube held a blue faintly glowing symbol that none could identify, and was made of dark wood with gold inlays. Dasterbolt tried to pick it up with Mage Hand, but could not. He picked it up with his own hand and nothing of note happened. He put it in his pack. The Adventurers decided to rest in the chamber for night, and they did so with nothing happening in the night, besides the troubled dreams of their Gnome companion.


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