Chapter 30
The Cult of Quorlinn

After a harrowing battle with the Treant, Bronagh revived Carrion from death. Dasterbolt and Bronagh searched the fallen shop and found several potions and items, including the Hag’s journal. Her journal told of a Dragonborn Necromancer connected with some commander of armies and the old fortress. There were also a few entries about Kenku and mentioned them searching for items and wishing to assault the castle (the Hag calling them pitiful fools). Bronagh found the Hag’s corpse in the swampwater and took a crystal ball from her body.

The next morning, the party heard sounds coming from the fallen Treant. Inside, several Kenku were looting and searching for items. When confronted the Kenku were ready to fight the party. After some discussion, the Kenku were persuaded to take Bronagh and Dasterbolt to their gathering-place, the place their lost god, Quorlinn was said to be. Carrion followed silently and unnoticed by the Kenku escort.

The group entered an area where the dark twisted trees of the Abyssal Waste grew closer together and formed a woodland atmosphere. Within were many other Kenku, hidden among the trees. Other Kenku lined the pathway, feather-plucked bodies of devotees to their God.

They reached a clearing, where the image of Quorlinn loomed, a tall Kenku-like creation of metal, rock, and scrap, adorned with bits of flotsam and feathers. Beneath was a Kenku wielding a staff, who seemed to be a leader of sorts. The staff-wielder wished to see what Quorlinn thought of Bronagh and Dasterbolt. After some conversation and aggravation, a voice spoke to all present and a battle began. The statue moved and fought, with spells and magic. A few Kenku were convinced to fight with them against this new furious God-statue. When the image of Quorlinn was dismantled by the party, a new shape arose from the debris. A demon struck at Carrion but the party destroyed it as well.

Chapter 29
A Nice Place to get Nice Things

Dasterbolt and Bronagh set off once more within the Abyssal Waste to follow the signs they had found, now with a new companion, Carrion. Carrion slept outside of Dasterbolt’s magical shelter, and the three of them were awakened by the screeching of the Nightscreamers in the dark swamp mists. The ghostly figures emerged from the mist and attempted to slay the party, but were turned back by Bronagh’s divine might. Dasterbolt turned one blue, and another into flaming rags, while Bronagh guided them with bolts into oblivion. Carrion ran around a lot.

The three of them rested together for the remainder of the night within the shelter of Leomund’s tiny hut, and after a few more signposts, they traveled to the location of Malark’s Information and Inflammation, a large, dark tree with the faint glow of firelight within.

Inside, they found a man, Tom Malark, who tried to sell them potions from his shelves, and offered them tea. Carrion gulped his tea down in one draught, wishing to impress the other two. Dasterbolt gave over his Helm of Telepathy in exchange for knowledge about the symbol on his shoulder, and Malark told him that the symbol was a letter or word in Qualith, the language of the Illithids, or at least in that style. After some more exchanges and tea refusal, Carrion dropped to the floor in torpor from the tea he had consumed. Bronagh immediately brought Carrion back to his feet, and the three of them confronted Malark and dispelled his disguise. Beneath was a green hag, a warty gnarled woman that promptly went invisible and tried to escape. Stopped momentarily by Carrion’s blind raven, the hag fled outside the tree and as Carrion followed the tree slammed its branch into his back. The tree also had a false appearance, and was in fact a treant that proceeded to battle the party while the hag attempted escape. She made it into the water and began to swim away before being run through by Carrion’s blade.

Two trees nearby were called into awakening by the treant before Bronagh calmed them with her connection to Mielikki, Goddess of Life and Nature.

The party turned back to face their towering foe, which had once been the hag’s potion shop.

Chapter 28

Bronagh and Dasterbolt continued to follow the signs, and they came to a much disturbed area with the sign: “Malark’s Information and Inflammation has moved, sorry for the inconvenience! 16 miles this way!”

As they continued to follow the direction, they encountered a looming stone giant, stuck in the mud of the swamp, bellowing. After speaking to the giant in Dwarvish, the being revealed that he was lost in the dream of the surface, and his sister was far more lost in the nightmare. She had lost all sense and had gone mad with hunger and insanity. He wished them to put her down, so that he could leave this place.
They found the giant’s twisted sister, Misstreika, and slew her after trying to find some way to cure her of her affliction. They brought the news to the giant, Lohikaarme, and he asked for their aid in leading him out of the Abyssal Waste. They did so, and the giant granted them gifts.

While returning through the mists of the Abyssal Waste, they heard a voice call out their names behind them. A half-elf male spoke to them and tried to explain his situation. He claimed to be himself, and said that he was no one. He said that one of his guises had been Grandelf the Stray, and that he had taken Reaver to give to people whose interests were its secrecy. He had been hired to kill Bronagh and Dasterbolt but was unwilling to follow through, as he saw their mission as important.

The wandering troll appeared and the group swiftly dealt with it before heading back into the swamps of the Abyssal Waste.

Chapter 27
The Burning Mists

Dasterbolt and Bronagh were visited before they went to sleep by Liam, an old friend of Bronagh’s, who was worried about her. They talked for a while that evening. Despite Liam’s prodding about some things to do in Thesselmar, Bronagh and Dasterbolt wished to go to the Abyssal Waste as soon as possible so as to complete their journey. They crossed a river with Water Walk and then encountered the Burning Mists of the Abyssal Waste in full bloom. The animals took the worst of it, Dastiff falling unconscious in the acidic fog and Bronagh’s horse’s skin burning. They decided to send the animals back out to Thesselmar in the morning, convincing Dasterwolf to accompany them though she wished to stay with Dasterbolt.

They flew as well, in the lessened mist of the next day, and saw several disturbing creatures in the mucky ground. Soon they found a sign attached to a gnarled tree, that said “Supplies, this way”. Following a few of these, they encountered some giant rats and a monstrous beast was attracted to their smell. Dasterbolt changed the monster into a slug and cast it into the Ethereal Plane. The two continued their journey through the horrid landscape of the Abyssal Waste.

Chapter 26
A Thief in the Night

Dasterbolt and Grandelf served their jailtime in Solenar. They were both interrogated by the High Inquisitor, and were asked if they knew the name Stormhawk, which none of them did. Dasterbolt mentioned dire events were coming to the world and that disorder was threatened.

Gathering supplies and purchasing two horses, the party left Solenar for the Abyssal Waste. They traveled by road, covering a large amount of ground quickly. They arrived on the outskirts of Thesselmar.

The next morning, Bronagh and Dasterbolt awoke to find Grandelf gone. After a brief investigation, they also found Reaver gone from the Bag of Holding. Shocked and infuriated, the two raced into Thesselmar and riled up the guards to search for someone with a magical sword. They tried to find Grandelf, but were unsuccessful. They were successful in frightening an old man.

After a day of searching the city, they rode off back to their original campsite beside the road, deciding the quest must go on.

Chapter 25
Journeys and Jailtime

Dasterbolt and Bronagh learned from Faelivir of the Guardians that she wished them to seek. The white wolf explained that though the Gods had left Euontel’s Material Plane they had left behind some remnants of their power, whether intentionally or not. One such remnant was herself, as she revealed her ancestry to date back to the War against the Nameless God, in which Mielikki marched with a pack of wolves by her side. The Two Guardians she wished Dasterbolt and Bronagh to find were Shakhath and Mesonyr Watcher of Waters.

The one in the Abyssal Wastes, was Shakath, a human with incredible gifts and access to magic, seeking after a rumour about a knife of death, a dagger that was said to be Kelemvor’s soul-cutter.

The other, Mesonyr, Watcher of Waters had taken up residence in the Endless Sea, guarding an ancient creature, the Last Physeterian, within a place where many currents converge, the Sporanzo Sea.

Faelivir also spoke of Caladhris, the Pale Woman of Savras’ prophecy, and said that this Elven Sorceress often cropped up in tales but only during certain periods of history. The most recent she knew of was a tale said to have taken place 1000 years ago, in which Caladhris stole the mind of the Head Archivist of the Dragonborn, Orlaskan. She also mentioned that Caladhris was said to have stolen the cloak of the Raven Queen herself, which Faelivir doubted.

Bronagh told Ramas and Erdan about Shammah’s death, and they were thankful for her letting them know what had happened.

They left the Isle of Tapuravale together, riding on the back of Faelivir. They reached the Howling Spire with great speed, and upon entering found the Couatl was not there. Instead, written in what seemed to be the creature’s purplish blood was the symbol of the Nameless God, and the message in Sylvan: “A New World is Coming”.

Leaving this disturbing scene, Bronagh and Dasterbolt received a charm from Faelivir to aid them on their journeys ahead, for she said they were dangerous places to go. Bronagh and Dasterbolt met up with Dasterwolf (Nashoba), and attempted to hunt for her. They felt Shammah’s absence then in their fumbling attempts to hunt caribou but eventually managed to get some meat for the worg pup.

The duo and their Worg stray traveled West to Moskva and found the village being repaired and rebuilt from the raids of the Orcs. Natasha informed them that the next ship was scheduled to arrive in about a month. Bronagh sent a message to Bosco and Bell, to meet them there and take them to Solenar if they were willing.

After a few days in Moskva (Dasterbolt hunting Caribou with the Wand of Wonder), the Osborn Gale arrived. Bosco was very upset when Bronagh told him what had happened to Shammah, as he had been training with his quarterstaff, and taking lessons with Bell in how to fight and defend themselves. The voyage to Solenar was uneventful, other than the growing bond between Gnome and Worg.

Dasterbolt and Bronagh stayed at the Toad and Stool, and did various shopping (Dastiff the second, and a pseudodragon were acquired) and researching trips. Dasterbolt met with Meilen and gave her the flowers he had picked in the north tundra. They did some winks and Dasterbolt told her he’d meet again with her in a couple nights.

Dasterbolt and Bronagh, then met up with Grandelf the Stray, an elderly Elven woman who was traveling around. She recognized the Heroes of Nost and wished to travel with them, because she was adventuring about to see the world before she passed on.

Dasterbolt was excited, but Bronagh was not exactly keen on the idea, not wishing to endanger an old woman’s life on the mission they were currently undertaking.

Bronagh eventually went to bed, after it was revealed that a disguise self spell was cast on Grandelf to make herself appear slightly younger than her features were beneath.
Dasterbolt convinced Grandelf to go on a little caper, that ended rather poorly. Dasterbolt successfully distracted the guards, but Grandelf failed to be subtle while placing the “Kick me” sign on the guards’ back.

While being escorted to a night in prison for disrespecting the guards, Dasterbolt and Grandelf made their magical escapes. Returning to a very disappointed Bronagh, the two turned themselves in at the prison in the Bronze Plaza.

Chapter 24

Shammah struggled within the stomach of the vicious Leviathan, but to no avail. His life was crushed in the darkness and the depths.

A battle against the powerful beast left the orcs destroyed and Dastiff fallen. While the final orcs fell, Dasterbolt began to flee, to ensure that their sacrifice was not in vain. Bronagh too, fled, reluctantly, leaving their friend within the monster’s gut.

They managed to leave the monster behind and saw before them a liquid portion of the Frozen Ocean, that they crossed to reach Tapuravale Island. Entering within, they saw a white wolf, that shone like pale moonlight, and the creature named itself Faelivir.

She said she knew of the pale woman of the Prophecy of the End of the World. This figure, Faelivir claimed, was one and the same as Caladhris, the Finder, the Elven Sorceress of legend.

Bronagh and Dasterbolt convinced Faelivir to leave her protected Isle to go guard the North-Gate that Lein-ahmik was ward of.

Chapter 23
Hunters and Hunted

Dasterbolt and Bronagh slept fitfully through the night after Bronagh’s resurrection, their dreams being intruded upon by the Couatl saying “There is no time. She comes for me.” Upon waking, the party tried to convince Satunda and the Tauren elders that they needed to take the Trials in a different order, so as to reach Faelivir faster but to no avail. The party decided to follow through with the Trials out of respect, and headed out once more to the SouthEast to hunt down the Mammoth herd.

After a couple days of travel, the party climbed a small rise and below them was the herd of large Mammoths. Dasterbolt scouted ahead, and was able to get very close without the creatures noticing his small gnomish form. Bronagh and Shammah cautiously approached, but Shammah disturbed a small ground-nesting bird. Bronagh then used the bird’s viewpoint to find the location of the Mammoth they sought. Dasterbolt turned himself into his own version of the bird, and flapped up to hover above the Mammoth with the white shoulder-patch, the Taniwha-spirit of the Trial of Community. The Gnome wizard successfully transformed the mammoth into a saber-toothed tiger, using all of his intellect to do so, losing concentration on his flying. Slamming into the tiger and losing concentration on its transformation, Dasterbolt found himself, winded, atop the Mammoth target. He was only able to stay on top of the heaving mass of woolly fur and muscle as the Mammoth charged outward toward Shammah and Bronagh, who had called out the challenge.

After a brief battle, and chase on Dasterbolt’s part, the Mammoth was slain. Shammah and Bronagh each took a tusk of the Mammoth, removing them from the skull. Shammah’s was a little neater, but Bronagh polished hers up. They seemed about the same level of worthiness when presented to Satunda.

The final path of their journey lay northward further, across the frozen ocean to the Island of Tapuravale. They encountered a band of orcs led by Miloka, members of the Firegash tribe who approved of the Helmbreakers and mentioned that they were seeking to observe the Leviathan that frequented the frigid ocean below the ice.

The next day, with the Island in sight, the Leviathan attacked the group, decimating a pack of warg-riding orcs that were riding toward the party. The monster burst forth once more and tore through some of the orcs escorting the Helmbreakers, before gripping Shammah in its massive maw and swallowing the wood elf whole.

Chapter 22
Trials of the North

After some further questions of the Couatl (Dasterbolt seemed especially interested in the nature of Fey), the party set out East for the Tauren village. They had been directed there by Lein-Ahmik, as the Being of great power, Faelivir was held sacred by the Tauren, and he suggested they would be the place to go first.

Reaching the village was easy, and they spoke with Chieftain Vadamee and his aide, Satunda. The Tauren spoke of Three Trials they must undergo in order to be ready to enter Tapuravale, where Faelivir dwells.

The first of these was the Trial of Wisdom. The Party was submerged in icy cold water beneath the frozen shelf above, after drinking Artalaak. They observed a shoal of silver fish being hunted by a pod of Orcas and emerged mostly unscathed after being observed by the Orcas with curiousity. Satunda told them that Wisdom is: “To see oneself as small against the background of the world. It is freeing and important: There is more than yourself. You can not deny this truth when you see the vastness of the Northern Wilds, or the power of a hunting pod of Killer Whales.” The Party dried off and returned to the village for night before setting off on the Trial of Community.

For their next Trial, they were tasked with the hunt of a “taniwha-spirit” in the form of a great woolly Mammoth. Setting off, the party encountered many dangers and trials. A Wyvern spotted the party but was sent fleeing after its tasty-looking fat Gnome prey turned out to be an illusion. The Wyvern fled off into the sky, even despite Shammah’s long shot almost straight upward that terribly wounded it.

An encounter with Sabertooth tigers hunting a caribou, became a conversation between Bronagh, who offered them gifts of food for information on the Mammoth herd they were trying to find. With some direction from the predatory felines, the party stumbled upon emerging monsters and protective Wargs.

In a desperate battle against beasts of chitin and flame the Wargs fell and the party was decimated. One of the thrashing Remorhazes reared up above the fallen Bronagh and ended her life. Dasterbolt and Shammah, barely hanging on fought the remaining monsters before a small silver-furred form nudged the lifeless body of Bronagh Stonejaw. Her companion, Iven the pine marten transformed into a massive Silver Dragon who spoke a single emphatic word: “NO.” The dragon destroyed the last Remorhaz, and took Bronagh’s body onto his back, leaving her friends bewildered on a field of death.

While contemplating their next move, without their Dwarf friend, Dasterbolt discovered that the Wargs had been defending a young pup and convinced the creature to follow him and allow him to try to tame it.

To procure the pup fresh meat, Dasterbolt horrifically killed a caribou with magical sleep and acid, as Shammah looked on with an especially deep frown.

The next morning, the Dragon, Ecthelion, Guardian of Mielikki brought news and a plea for help. He had found a powerful healer among the Tauren, one who knew how to perform a Resurrection and could potentially bring Bronagh back to the world. But the ritual of Resurrection requires aid to perform and Ecthelion asked for their help. Shammah and Dasterbolt agreed to go, and they arrived on the outskirts of the village, where Bronagh’s corpse lay, blanketed, on slabs of rock.

Dasterbolt removed his equipment and lay them beside his dead friend, proclaiming that he would rather have Bronagh than all of his items he gathered around himself. Ecthelion pleaded to Mielikki through whispered prayer, and Shammah sliced his own flesh, performing a healing blood curse for the person who had helped him become who he was today.

After a moment of longing, Bronagh’s eyes opened and their friend returned. Relief, joy and hope came over them as well as the need to rest. Before they set out once more on the Trial of Community the party went to sleep with much to think about.

Chapter 21
The Dragon and the Couatl

The adventurers were given prisms that could summon animals and temporary epic boon potions to aid them in their battle against the great Copper Dragon, Pyrinthodion. A battle ensued, in the dragon’s lair, with a Rhino and Elephant charging into the fray alongside Bronagh, Shammah and Dasterbolt. Though the Dragon was a powerful foe, the adventurers were victorious, giving him good enough that he took some damage and perceived it to be worthy of a tale.

In return for their run-through of his soon-to-be-abandoned lair, the Copper Dragon granted them gifts: a Helm of Telepathy, a set of Copper Dragon Scale armor and an Immovable Rod.

The Party returned to the surface, and to Nost, to tell Brammyl the good news that the Dragon threat was dealt with, and to celebrate they went pig-wrestling with the jolly Dwarf.

The Party decided to head North to speak with the Couatl they had met in the Howling Spire while searching for the Helm of the Horde. They journeyed through the Frostpeak Mountains and reached the Spire and found their mysterious acquaintance.

Lein-ahmik, the powerful Couatl, told them more of his duties as Warden of the North-Gate, guarding against a Curse/Weapon from below that was formed during an ancient war between the Dwarves and the Illithids. He also said that he could sense his death approaching and that it was somehow connected with the Party, who he named as Twisters of Fate. The Couatl had no more information on Reaver or the Prophecy, other than to direct them to someone who he believed could help: a Being of great power named Faelivir.


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