Chapter 1
The North Road

Bronagh and Dasterbolt entered the city of Nost by the North Gate. They received a letter from a hurried courier (in green tunic) to meet with Brammyl Bolbrew (the Town Council Rep.) in the Silver Pig tavern. Upon entering, they were beckoned over to a table with Brammyl, and Albinon and Shammah were already there. Brammyl explained that he believed they were chosen by Savras (God of fate), which he pronounced Savros, to be heroes of the town of Nost and rescue the bones of Velric the Dragonslayer from whatever happened to them. The four set off across town to try to glean information and resources out of the Town Guard. They reached the Onyx Fortress and spoke with a young red-haired guard named Dremlit Canner. After finding that they could not simply enter the Fortress, they were confronted by the Town Guard Captain, Commander Loradov (Ilxalim Loradov), who bade them to hurry on their way North to the last known location of the cart carrying the bones. He also gave Bronagh four gold coins secretly, to help the adventurers without drawing too much attention to them. The Adventurers left the town, heading up the North Road. While traveling they heard a single set of footsteps in the woods. Refarra the huntress appeared and gave them a healing potion and some meats. She mentioned there were wolves about, and a bear, and told them that something was off in the forest she had called home for many years.

By evening, they reached the Redlim Farm, and stayed the night with Derro and Cora Redlim. The farming couple were very hospitable and gave them various items for their travels, as well as breakfast in the morning. Shammah stayed outside all night, and the farmers never knew there was a fourth member of the party. The Adventurers left the farmhouse in the morning, as it was just getting light out, and traveled down the North Road once again. Dasterbolt had left a rather bad impression on Cora Redlim, after he tried to trick her several times. The other two were quite courteous and much loved by the farmers, especially Bronagh.

Further North, along the Road, which was leaving civilized area behind, they noticed the truth of Refarra’s words, by the lack of birds or squirrels in the woods. Shammah searched about for signs of undead in the area surrounding and found nothing, so far. The Adventurers then spotted a single Raven in a tree branch overhanging the road. The Raven stared at Shammah, then each of the others in turn (even Dasterbolt who was stealthing in the woods). Albinon reacted by firing a crossbow bolt swiftly into its chest, killing it instantly. Upon inspection, they noticed nothing about the Raven that indicated it was anything other than a dead Raven. Shammah and Bronagh were not pleased with Albinon’s reaction, and Shammah took the bolt to put in his own supplies. As they looked at the fallen bird, they heard an anguished howl from nearby in the woods. An injured Worg was lying in a clearing, blood pouring into the snow from its side. They tried to communicate with the bleeding creature, but were unable to, though Albinon could understand its guttural cries, telling them to leave and threatening to kill them. It summoned enough strength to leap at them, but upon landing a bluish light escaped the ground and a 60-foot hole of ground opened up beneath them, tumbling them all 20 feet down. Amidst the rubble, the Adventurers discovered they were in a circular chamber with four equidistant doors in the walls. The Worg died in the fall. Bronagh read the symbol on the doors as “Blood and Fire” and the adventurers lit the torch beside the North and East doors and offered the Worg’s blood to the doors to open them. Inside the North door was a chest with coins. Inside the East door was a wooden coffin, with a skeleton inside. The skeleton’s eyesockets held blue gemstones, and its hands held a longsword. While Dasterbolt tried to search through the coffin with his Mage Hand, the door sealed behind him, and the skeleton began to rise. Dasterbolt used Burning Hands against it, but the cone of fire in the small space did damage to them both, leaving the Gnome with little health. The rest of the party hurried to reopen the door, and succeeded. Shammah rushed inside, and sent pieces of bone flying about the room with a destructive swing of his rapier blade. One of the bones struck a strange cube by the door of the chamber that none had noticed before. The cube held a blue faintly glowing symbol that none could identify, and was made of dark wood with gold inlays. Dasterbolt tried to pick it up with Mage Hand, but could not. He picked it up with his own hand and nothing of note happened. He put it in his pack. The Adventurers decided to rest in the chamber for night, and they did so with nothing happening in the night, besides the troubled dreams of their Gnome companion.

Chapter 2
Escape from the Pit

Upon waking in the chamber they had fallen into, the Adventurers decided to open the remaining doors. They opened the South Door first, which contained a stone coffin and some flasks lining a shelf beyond. The flasks were carried out carefully, and although they found out one was a health potion, they didn’t spend time figuring out the contents of the other three (two of dark red and steaming, one of dark almost black purple, constantly roiling. Within the stone coffin was a skeleton, wearing faded brown robes. The skeleton began to nod its head forward with an eerie light before it was blasted apart by Dasterbolt’s shocking grasp. Dasterbolt took the robes from the skeleton and wore them, despite their size leaving excess robe trailing behind the gnome. Shammah reached into the coffin and pulled out a ring of Fire resistance from the bones and put it on.

The Adventurers assembled outside of the West Door, the final unopened door in the chamber. They had heard scrabbling behind it earlier and when they opened it, a giant centipede rushed out and bit Shammah’s ankle, poisoning him. Dasterbolt pierced its exoskeleton with magic missiles, killing it instantly. Albinon rushed ahead and sent a thundering wave into the dark chamber, crushing a second centipede into the wall. Shammah picked up a sickle-shaped dagger from the floor of the chamber. They spied a small tunnel at the back of the chamber and a wider cave tunnel beyond. They heard the sound of wind faintly through it. Bronagh bandaged Shammah’s wound with her herbalist kit, and removed the poison. They also enjoyed a jar of peaches.

His wounds healed, Shammah clambered up a rope out of the pit and secured it for the rest of the party to join him. They went back to the North road after searching unsuccessfully for the cave tunnel they had spied from the West chamber. Continuing North, they encountered a maddened Dryad, who cried out to them (to Shammah, the Wood Elf in particular) for help. She said that her sisters were trapped “in web and snare”.   

After another half hour of travel north, they reached the bridge, and Refarra the huntress was waiting for them there. Across the bridge, a thick web blocked their path, and on the far side more webs could be seen sprawling from tree to tree. Bronagh cast Sacred Flame and burned the webbing away, revealing the remains of a cart on the road ahead. From the far side, in the forest’s borders, the sound of many legs crawling towards them could be heard.

Chapter 3
Battling the Infestation

The troupe saw the remains of the cart and evidence of a battle between the guards and giant spiders. As they approached the scene, giant spiders struck from either side of the forest. They came at the adventurers in two waves, the first being dealt with swiftly and the second being more hard-fought for victory. After the first spiders were killed, a raven flew Northward to report to its master. Acid hurled from Dasterbolt and bolts from Albinon’s crossbow weakened and damaged many of their leggy adversaries. Bronagh kept Dasterbolt from death and Shammah and Refarra dispatched the giant spiders with rapier and arrow. Dasterbolt charmed the stalking Ettercap, and it held off its attack and began to leave the battle scene, before Albinon, Dasterbolt, and Bronagh yelled for it to stop. Confused, but feeling aggression return to its system, the Ettercap roared and charged back into the fray. After taking a dagger in its shoulder, and biting Shammah with its fangs, the spider-herder was slain by a crushing blow from Bronagh’s quarterstaff, as she cried “We tried to be friends!”

In the aftermath of the battle, Albinon harvested fangs from the giant spiders’ bodies, and Shammah went searching for the Dryad that had spoken to him earlier. He sensed the fey returning to that region of the woods, and found the Dryad which told him that it had been cleansed, but more darkness lay further North still.

Bronagh inspected the coffin and found that indeed it was the coffin of Velric the Dragonslayer’s bones, the bones they had been sent to retrieve. Albinon smashed the lock from the coffin and opened it to see human bones, coated with a silvery sheen. The raven returned then, and a cloaked figure approached from the North. He turned out to be a silver-scaled Dragonborn, with an interest in stories. The raven that Albinon had slain earlier turned out to be one of his, Mugal. Albinon brought this up, angrily and threw the raven’s corpse at Archaius. The storyteller seemed deeply upset at the death of his raven companion. Bronagh and Dasterbolt tried their best to comfort him, and after a bit, Albinon apologized somewhat. The adventurers took the coffin, Archaius in front, Albinon at the back and began their journey southward for the remainder of what had been a very long day. They made camp on the road, and Archaius told them a story of the Nameless God and the Beginning of things. Then they went to sleep with Bronagh, pale-faced on first watch and Albinon taking second watch.

Chapter 4
The Midwinter Festival

The adventurers bore the coffin of Velric the Dragonslayer through the gates of Nost and into its hallowed place in the Temple of Chauntea on the morning before Midwinter. Preparations for the festival went on that day. Archaius went to work for the archivist of Deneir, and the Four told their exploits and encounter with the Spiders and the pit. Albinon requested information to be sought: about a man with blond hair and red eyes, and Demon Possession. The adventurers participated in the Midwinter festival in Nost. Bronagh buried Mugal the raven with Archaius outside the City. The next day, the Four set out at Bronagh’s quiet insistence to investigate the Ancient Fortress to the North. After their first day’s travel, glowing eyes could be seen in the night, approaching.

Chapter 5
The Fortress of Hammerath

The glowing eyes approaching camp on Albinon’s watch belonged to a ferocious Worg. The beast assaulted the camp and was quickly dispatched by Shammah’s rapier after Dasterbolt tried unsuccessfully to make it laugh. Albinon, at Dasterbolt’s request, tried to hack the paws off the dead Worg but failed. The company set out further North and arrived at the ruins of Hammerath Fortress, spying the body of a lizardman in the snow with a black arrow protruding from his back. The lizardman also had a strange bronze contraption which Dasterbolt took. Within the fortress the remains of a spider and webs were found, along with bloodstains. Further in, a narrow stairway led to the lower levels and an encampment of orange-skinned warriors and an Orc captain as well as another Worg.

A brutal battle ensued. Bronagh blessed the four adventurers. Albinon set off an explosive bolt in the campfire. Dasterbolt charmed the Orc Captain. Shammah cut down the final warrior uttering his Sylvan axiom. After putting the Orc to sleep with magic and tying him to the statue of a hand, he was asked several questions before he was put to sleep with Shammah’s rapier. While he was still breathing, they learned that the Orc was on a mission from Serakna to find the Hidden Armory of the Knights of Hammerath. He called Serakna the soon-to-be Warlord of the Northern Horde and threatened widespread bloodshed on the Southern lands. Albinon successfully retrieved two of the Worg’s paws for Dasterbolt. The door leading onward had a cavity shaped like the bronze contraption found on the lizardman’s body. The Company decided to rest before venturing deeper within the ancient Fortress of Hammerath.

Chapter 6
Riddles and Mysteries

The Adventurers woke in the Fortress basement and unlocked the sealed door, revealing the bones of an ancient dragon. A bowl of burned jungle leaves were placed before it, and an ancient forge was beside it. Shammah collected some armor and a shield of the Knights of Hammerath and gave them later to Bronagh and Albinon. Unlocking the sealed door at the other end of the chamber revealed a lizardman skeleton suspended in the air, and several rat bones, a scroll cylinder and a snake-shaped staff. After defeating the transparent cube that held these items within it, Bronagh opened the cylinder and read the scroll inside:

“In the Wilds of Unknown Breadth,
Further North than Ivorhart
In the Land of Summer’s Death,
Beneath a sky of Emerald Art,
Past the fields of Glowing Snow,
Across the sheet of frozen glass
Step careful lest you fall below
and sink into a nightmare’s grasp
If you seek the Hidden Stores
Deep within the Howling Caves
Dare to open the Golden Doors
Beware disturbing the icy graves”

It was signed by Knight-Commander Yalterran the Resolute. The four left the Fortress behind, and traveled to the Redlim Farm. Dasterbolt stayed by the road and fed a couple bits of maple treat to a small dark-feathered bird, named Twiggam. Albinon and Bronagh spoke with the Redlims and convinced them to move into the city of Nost for the time being, to avoid the possible invasion of Orcs from the North. They aided the couples’ movement into the city.

Bronagh and Dasterbolt spoke with Commander Loradov about their exploits in the Fortress and about the riddle-poem they found within. He offered help to them on their journey to find the Hidden Armory.

Albinon and Shammah went to the Temple of Deneir. Albinon’s request for information about a man with blond hair and red eyes was met with failure, but his demon possession information request brought him an old tome from the Solenar Library.

As Albinon began to pore through the text, Archaius spoke with Shammah briefly receiving cold terse replies from the Wood Elf. He then spoke with Dasterbolt and asked to see the mysterious cube from the pit the adventurers had stumbled upon almost two weeks ago. Archaius took the cube, put it in his cloak and began to leave. Dasterbolt, Shammah, and Bronagh confronted him, and he turned himself invisible. Shammah swung his rapier where he just was and missed, Bronagh cast detect magic and Dasterbolt tried to put him asleep. They convinced him to give the cube back to Dasterbolt.

Chapter 7
The Voyage to Moskva

The Adventurers spent two more days in the city of Nost, buying and selling weapons and items. Albinon met with a man named Oldorth Resenol in the Silver Pig tavern, who had been waiting for him. After some discussion, persuasion, pain, and haggling, Albinon received 250 gold from the man in exchange for the fingerbones of Velric the Dragonslayer.

Bronagh spoke with Archaius and the story-collector shared with her The Tale of the Hunter and the Finder in Sylvan. He also asked her to search for more information about the story and to tell him if she found any. The dwarf Cleric asked Archaius about what he knew of the Riddle-poem they had discovered within Hammerath Fortress and any information about the other items found within the ancient ruins. Archaius told her that the Lizardfolk travel from the Jungle to the East (Tlavast) to worship the bones of Lagiocrys, and that’s what the bowl of burned leaves were laid out for. He also directed the Adventurers to the Northern Wilds for their search for the Hidden Armoury. Bronagh also received a letter with the Guard-Commander’s seal to take to his sister, Natasha, who lived in Moskva, a town past the Frostpeak mountains and near the Coast of the continent, just within the Northern Wilds. He said that it would tell Natasha to aid the Adventurers in their quest.

Deciding to travel by sea, so as to avoid trekking through the mountain range to the North, the Adventurers met Bosco and Bell in the town of Westport, half a day’s travel east of Nost. They employed the Halfling siblings to take them aboard their inherited ship, the Osborn Gale, on a voyage North to the town of Moskva for 40 gold. Bosco and Bell told stories about their father, Osborn the Explorer, who in their opinion was the greatest explorer of all time.

Their first night at sea, they came under attack from the luminescent tentacles of a giant squid. Shammah threw Bosco down the hatch and out of harm’s way where he helped his sister get Albinon and Bronagh armored up for battle. Dasterbolt burned two tentacles from the beast with his scorching rays and Albinon and Shammah hacked away at others. Bronagh healed Dasterbolt from his scrape with a massive tentacle smack and blessed the others’ strikes. Once several tentacles were damaged or burned off, the kraken descended once more into the dark depths of the frigid waters.

The following three days passed by with only sightings of beluga whales, a bowhead whale and drifting snow during the shortened days as the journey proceeded northward. A storm halted the Osborn Gale’s progress during the next day, but on the morrow the ship reached its destination. Traveling down a canyon between rising walls of land, the ship came upon the miniscule dock of Moskva. The crew climbed a ladder attached to the ice and rock wall that rose on the south side of the canyon from the dock. Reaching the top, they met a resident of the small village of Moskva named Mikhail. Though it was noon, darkness shrouded the land and they followed Mikhail’s lantern across the strengthened rope bridge that crossed the gorge to Moskva’s North side. He led them to a long wooden building before he took an arrow in the shoulder and went down in the snow. The Adventurers looked with apprehension at Bronagh’s shield and ring, which cast a pale blue light onto the surrounding snow, and readied themselves for battle. The bray of a horn and the flicker of orange flames in the distance told them their enemy was also ready.

Chapter 8
Worg Raid on Moskva

Mikhail fell to an orc arrow in the shoulder and worg-riding orcs arrived on the outskirts of the village of Moskva. The Adventurers fought a battle in the streets of the far Northern town, with the aid of a half-dozen Moskva hunters. Despite the flaming arrows being fired at the homes, none burned down or sustained much damage.

When battle broke out, a human in a grey cloak ran across the snow and swiftly fell to the barrage of orc arrows. He made a huge mistake.

Orcs and Worgs were dispatched by the brave stand and the Captain fought Albinon in a vicious duel that ended with a spear through the Bard’s side. Before Albinon succumbed to his wounds, Bronagh stood between him and the bloodthirsty captain punching and casting Inflict wounds through her divine magic, saving her friend’s life and turning the tide of the battle.

One Worg-rider made it past the fight and ignited the Osborn Gale aflame before being slain by a well-placed bolt from Natasha Loradov. The flames were put out by Shammah, Dasterbolt, and Albinon before the Human Bard and the Gnome Wizard launched into a chase to loot the enemies.

Through various shenanigans including a snake-staff and Halfling-terror they scrambled back to find an infurated and disappointed Dwarf Cleric with no time for their nonsense.
Meanwhile, Shammah found no sign of anymore villagers on the South side of Moskva, instead finding abandoned houses.

Chapter 9
The Northern Wilds

The Adventurers convinced the people of Moskva to leave their assaulted town, speaking with their leader Natasha Loradov and braving their strong drink Muslaka. Shammah presented his quarterstaff to the Halfling Bosco and told him to learn to defend himself, and others around him. Albinon secretly spoke with the Monk Alyosha Karamazov in his domed abode at the edge of town whether he knew anything about demon possession and how to destroy a demon. The Monk told him the Tale of the Great Teacher on the Desert Island, and said that choice is always involved in a demon possession, at least to some degree. He didn’t know of any way to destroy demons, but suggested seeking a cleric of a Good-aligned God of Light or life.

They set out North through the Horizontal forest, avoiding a dangerous encounter with a Great Gray Owlbear. They crossed the Glowing Fields of Snow through the strong North Wind and saw across the frozen water the spire of ice that they sought. Seeing the draconic monster that lurked below the ice, they walked as carefully as possible to reach the mounds surrounding the Howling Spire’s base. In these they saw a floating light, and frozen corpses with shining armour. None gave in to the temptation to take the armour for themselves. They passed inside the Spire and followed the orange light into a chamber of crystalline statues. This was an old place, made by the Nelduar, the People of the Wind who appeared to be humanoid-avians.

After defeating the Shadows that lurked in the chamber, and the Wisp that had led them there, the Adventurers found another chamber with an invisible Couatl that spoke of mysterious things. It spoke into their minds, and told them it was a member of Alluvion Terminus, and said he was guarding against a doom far more terrible than orcs. He also revealed some impressions of Dasterbolt (“a mystery even to me”) and Albinon (“a creature of lust and greed who has done terrible things”) to Bronagh. Shammah’s mind resisted the being’s mental penetration.

They carried on, acquired the key and entered the Hidden Armoury to find the Helm of the Horde. Albinon also picked up and discarded a dark-looking blade that spoke within his mind.

After another conversation with the Couatl, they found themselves faced with a party of Orcs entering the Spire. Bronagh put on the Helm, and Dasterbolt played some Illusion magic tricks to convince the Orcs that Bronagh had a claim to the Horde and should fight Warlord Serakna. After some convincing, the Orcs agreed to take them to the Den where the fight should be witnessed.

Chapter 10
The Helm of the Horde

Albinon went back on his decision to leave the dark blade, and left the Howling Spire with Reaver on his back. The Orcs marched West toward the Broken Spine, and toward the duel with Serakna. Accompanying the Wargs they sent for, was the Warlord herself, atop a White Dragon wyrmling, with its wings removed. They noticed the Hammerath symbols on Bronagh’s shield and Albinon’s armour. A tense conversation was held, before the Orcs that accompanied the Adventurers sided with Bronagh’s claim to a duel, wishing to see the fight and beginning to doubt Serakna’s leadership.

After further journeying, the Adventurers reached the Den where the fight would be held, and Bronagh faced the Orc Warlord. When Serakna was beaten almost to death, the white dragon charged into the arena to the dismay and outrage of the Orc onlookers. When the dragon attacked and at Dasterbolt’s urging, the Orcs rushed in to slay it together, Bronagh smiting the Orc would-be Warlord with a Sacred Flame and burning the Wyrmling as well.


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