The Tale of Paulthor and Vannan

Deep in the past, a pair of Elves wandered the world, searching for a time long lost. In those days, Euontel was young by the Gods’ standards: only a few dozen millennia had passed since the creation of the Barrier to close off the world from the Gods’ unleashing of power. These Elves, Vannan and Paulthor, were in love with each other, and in love with the mysteries of the world. Magic they loved most of all. They had heard the tales that their ancestors told, they listened with eagerness to the songs of the Gods’ great majesty and undeniable strength. The abilities of the Gods, their stature and wonder brought a yearning as deep as the Abyss in Paulthor and Vannan. They dreamed of being born in the time of the Gods, the Time before the Barrier was formed and the world of Gods forever shut from the world of Material.

They were born without what we now call “Magic” that inborn fragment of the Gods’ own power. But they wished for it, and coveted the sight of the Gods, that earlier beings had, when Euontel was first formed beneath their steps and commands. They knew the story of the Barrier, and they had heard the many tales of the Feywild, that mire of magic and chaos that separates this realm from the Gods’ full weight. After years of toil, and reaching the limit of even their long lifespans, they created a portal to the Feywild, a slice in the fabric of the world. The portal burst, for many things wish to enter the Material from the Outside, and many Gods’ power wish to change the Material Realm as they did before they removed themselves. Their wish to see the Gods’ power was in part granted before their incineration in the Magic they had unleashed. This Magic, now free in the Material world, sought the blood of the Elves who lived nearby and strengthened it with the Feywild’s charm and vigor, granting even longer life to them and allowing most Elves to easily tap the glow of the Fey that burned within their veins. This is how the Elves became Feylike and how the Weirwood became filled with mystery and magic.

Interpretation: Many have debated whether this is truly how the Elves gained their Feylike abilities. In the story itself, the Elves’ long lifespans are mentioned before the rift is torn and it is unclear if this is a mistake or the result of later changes to the story (perhaps by more modern Elves). It is undoubtedly true, however, that the Feywild (the so-called Barrier Plane) makes itself most evident in the Weirwood than anywhere else on the face of Euontel. And all Elves can trace their lineage back to its mysterious borders (see “Elves”). Whether the Magical attributes of most Elves dates back to such an event as described, or the Barrier plane itself is weakest near the Weirwood and the Elves’ interaction with the Feywild was a more gradual development will, alas, probably never be fully solved.

Whatever the case, the figures of Paulthor and Vannan, and their story are a common oral tradition among the Wood Elves and as with most stories that fill the land, it likely contains at least some truth.

The Tale of Paulthor and Vannan

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