The Words of Savras Concerning the End of the World

Lo! I see a Pale Woman,
And across her skin is a word of Doom upon our world
And her hair is the colour of the Dawnless Night
And her words are the honeyed script of our destruction
And her hands are the tools of the Divine Undoing of Creation
And her lips are the bearers of the Ends of our work
And her Eyes are the corridors of a moonlit Maelstrom
And her feet are the feet that will trod upon the World’s Ashes

Lo! I see a Blackened Tree,
Burned by the fires of primordial Time
Cut by its Planter and shut within a tomb of stone and mud
Roots clinging to a falling rock
Branches reaching in a bleak grey sky
And a leaf that has not fallen
A Bud that has not sprung
A flower that is not flattened
A hope that is not seen

Lo! I see a broken sky,
A scorched earth,
A dry Ocean
A fallen tower
And there is night here
And there ever will it stay

Lo! I see a stone of light unquenchable,
A tome of darkness unforeseeable
A crown of greed unimaginable
A heart of hunger unstoppable
A blade of violence unbreakable
A cloak of secrets unbearable
A band of fire unbending

Lo! I see a new world
Of green and fire
A world of darkness and death and sickness and decay and horror
A world of nightmare that should come about in Time
But I see
A hope that is not seen

Tales of Euontel

The Words of Savras Concerning the End of the World

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