The Story So Far...

2016 Adventures Summarized

Brought together from various paths to the town of Nost, four travelers met in the Silver Pig Tavern with Brammyl Bolbrew to discuss his distressing situation. He wished for people not common to town, and also competent to perform a little investigation for him. The Priests of Savras (God of Fate) told Brammyl that these four would be needed for the job. The quest was to investigate the disappearance of Velric the Dragonslayer’s bones, which had not returned to enter Nost for the Midwinter Festival. Velric the Dragonslayer was revered as the savior of Nost from a Silver Dragon that had destroyed most of the town about 300 years ago. Now his bones needed rescuing from whatever fate had befallen them on the Old North Road.

Four travelers fated, chosen, or coincidentally in the area at the right or wrong time were an odd assortment.

Bronagh Stonejaw, Dwarf Cleric of the Goddess Mielikki who ruled over life in all its complexity and loved wild nature in forest and stream, the beasts of all manner and location were hers to adore. Bronagh followed her Goddess in her reverence for animals and plants of all kinds, learning to channel the power of her divine patron to heal and protect and smite the enemies of Good. She had made for herself a home in the Hemwood, south of Nost, and occasionally visited the Northern Town.

Albinon St. Clair, Human Bard with a tragic past and who searched for word of a blond man with red glowing eyes. Albinon was in Nost this Midwinter on contrary orders to Brammyl’s. The Baron Fedolish of Ravenholme had contracted the Bard (who was known for taking odd jobs If the gold was good) to acquire the fingerbones of Velric the Dragonslayer for his private collection. Upon arriving in the town of Nost, Albinon found that the bones were not on schedule to arrive and that his thievery had become more complicated than he originally thought.

Shammah Meliamne, Wood Elf Blood Hunter, member of a mysterious order and wielder of magic from his own life-force. Shammah had lost his home to a disease that wiped out his village, Anfail, while he was traveling through the far reaches of the Weirwood. Finding his family dead and those he was close to dying, Shammah followed a new path, and had no roots to tie his hunting spirit to the Forest of the East Wilds. While hunting one of his foes in the outskirts of the Scrambling Forest, he met with a certain Human Bard, Albinon, who he decided to travel with to the Town of Nost.

Dasterbolt, Gnome Wizard who named himself because he had no memory of any other title. The Wizard searched the lands for pages specially marked with a symbol that he cannot fathom. He found a rumor of such a page in the Town of Nost and made his way there, entering during the week before Midwinter, to join the varied group assembled to find Velric’s lost bones.

The Four set off North along the road, meeting Derro and Cora Redlim at their orchard farm en route. They also met up with a Raven named Hugal, which Albinon shot with a crossbow bolt because of its stare. Continuing further they encountered a Worg in a clearing, and some trigger set off the ground collapsing downward into an old barrow of dragon cultists. The rooms contained skeletons (some rising with the presence of unwanted intrusion) and some centipedes that had broken into one chamber. Also within the barrow was a mysterious cube, marked with an ancient symbol for Dragon that glowed pale blue.

Taking this object, the Four continued North and found the wreckage of the bone transport. A herd of giant spiders and their Ettercap herdsman had been evicted from the Fortress of Hammerath further North by a group of Orcs and Hobgoblin mercenaries. Once the group had dispatched the spiders and slew the hunting Ettercap, they met with a figure who approached them from further North. The figure was Archaius Noctivagan, a silver Dragonborn, Collector of Stories. Archaius was distressed at finding Albinon had slain one of his two Ravens, but seemed consoled by the group’s words. He desired entrance to the Town of Nost, and had problems with it in the past due to the Town’s history with silver dragons. Archaius told of the dragon who it was said did the assault, namely Lagiocrys, Seeker of Secrets. Archaius clearly showed an interest in this dragon and professed disbelief that Lagiocrys would have attacked the town of Nost. He preferred to believe the stories were false.

After the group agreed to allow him to accompany them back into the Town, Archaius told them a story of the Beginning of the World and the Nameless God, a God who defied all others, caused chaos and nightmare and was destroyed by the other Gods banding together in a vast array.

Entering Nost, the four were given the title Heroes of Nost and became distinguished in the Town as the ones who returned the sacred bones to the Temple of Chauntea in the center of Nost. They participated in the various festivities that occurred during the Midwinter Festival and left to investigate the Fortress of Hammerath, the source of the marauding spiders. Before entering the fortress, the four found a Lizardfolk pilgrim in a cloak who had been shot in the back by the Orcs which they found inside. Slaying the Orcs and their Worgs, the four opened a sealed door in the basement of the Hammerath Fortress, by using the fallen Lizardfolk’s star-shaped key and found the skeleton of the ancient dragon Lagiocrys within. Across the chamber, they found another sealed door which opened by the same key and defeated a gelatinous cube that had found its way inside. Contained within the cube was the riddle-map the Orcs had been seeking, which told of the location of the Hidden Armoury of the Knights of Hammerath. The Orcs were looking for this fabled storehouse for the Helm of the Horde which was said to be within, a symbol of Orc dominance and strength and the herald of a leader of the Northern Horde.
A Warlord Serakna Drakebane had sent these orcs to find clues about the location, and seemed to be attempting to form the Orcs into this horde once more.

On their return to Nost, the adventurers put the Redlims within the city to save them from any encroaching Orcs and spoke with Archaius about the cube they had found in the barrow. Archaius attempted to leave with the cube in his possession but after turning invisible he was stopped by the party, and Dasterbolt made a deal with him to be present when Archaius unlocked the cube’s secrets.

The party set off North to the village of Moskva, ploughing the dangerous coastal seas in the Osborn Gale, a ship piloted by two Halfling siblings, Bosco and Bell. After a brief encounter with a phosphorescent giant squid, the craft reached the town of Moskva, just as it was coming under attack by Orc raiders riding on Worgs. The assault of the Orcs was repelled successfully by the brave adventurers’ stand, and one Orc survived to report to Warlord Serakna of the warriors wearing the Knights of Hammerath’s armour. The Osborn Gale left the harbour of Moskva with the few survivors of the village to head south to Nost. The adventurers left North, across the Northern Wilds to reach the Howling Spire, wherein lay the Hidden Armoury. Within that Spire of twisting passages of ice was an invisible couatl, which spoke of guarding against something far more terrible than orcs. This Feathered serpent with beautiful multicolored wings also said it was a member of Alluvion Terminus.

When the Hidden Armoury was found, they retrieved more than the Helm of the Horde from within. Albinon picked up a black blade with red runes of fell design and he felt its voice within his mind. This sword called itself Reaver and it said it couldn’t remember who its former masters were or how long it had lain in that sealed cavern. Reaver made no intention of hiding its bloodthirstiness but the sword did clearly wish to be wielded and brought forth from its concealment.

While leaving the Howling Spire, they encountered a group of Orcs and Bronagh placed the Helm upon her head in a bid for contention with Serakna Drakebane. The Orcs were convinced by this display of courage and strength and by the pyrotechnics of Dasterbolt’s magic and persuasion that Serakna should fight Bronagh for her right to lead the Northern Horde. Traveling with this group of Orcs, they sowed dissension and challenged Serakna herself to this fight. The Orcs escorted the group to the Orc hold in the caves of the Broken Spine, formed by the White Dragon Kiamar herself before she was finished off by Serakna.

Bronagh and Serakna fought, one on one in the arena before the crowd of Orcs. Just when defeat was imminent for the Orc Warlord, her white dragon wyrmling stepped in, striking to destroy Bronagh Stonejaw out of spite. This caused outrage among the Orcs, who rushed forward into the arena (along with Albinon, Dasterbolt and Shammah). In the mobrush that ensued, Bronagh called down radiant flames to destroy Serakna and her wyrmling steed, proving absolutely that the Orc had no claim to the Helm of the Horde. Bronagh spoke with the Orc chieftains then, proclaiming that the Orcs should no longer have one leader and that they should no longer war against others, but rather fight challenging battles against monsters that roam Euontel. Instead of raiding villages and taking, they should ride against immense foes that were said to be unstoppable and in doing so demonstrate the Orcs’ true strength. The Chieftains took the pieces of the Helm that Bronagh gave to each and considered her words, allowing the four to leave and to take what they wished from the corpses of Serakna and her dragon wyrmling.

Returning through the mountain pass, and surviving an attack by a hunting wyvern, the adventurers were on their way to Nost when a white raven delivered a letter to Shammah. The letter was from Ramas Uthrakt, Shammah’s friend and mentor, who mentioned that there was rumors of work to do in Ravenholme.

Albinon also received a letter with an invitation to the Baron Fedolish’s Archives in Ravenholme at his estate. Dasterbolt received a letter with a job for the Society, the network of informants he is connected with. They wished to expand the network still further and enlist the services of Baron Fedolish from Ravenholme by offering him a difficult-to-obtain gift: Refined Whale Oil from Solenar. Bronagh received a letter from the Thane of Thesselmar.

The four decided to head South to Solenar to acquire whale oil for Dasterbolt’s mission. They stopped off at Bronagh’s house that she had constructed in the southern Hemwood, and outside of it was a number of stone carvings of animals. Reaver was disturbed and did not like the place at all. They rode with a group of traveling players, led by Xander the Magnificent. A Draconologist rode with them as well, by the name of Soli Shimma. Albinon defeated Alvold Lightcrest in a lute-battle and the adventurers discovered the trail of a giant green dragon by the name of Quoloth the Poisoner, who was traveiling south toward the Solenar area, probably (according to Soli) to make a den there.

Once within the capital of the Solen Empire, Dasterbolt contacted his Society network and met with Meilen Ravasatra, a half-elven rogue. Meilen aided the group in their acquisition of the refined whale oil from within a museum’s storeroom. After doing so, and Dasterbolt’s charms having produced many winks between himself and the half-elf, the four left the city with Dastiff and Albinon’s new hat.

Down the road they went to Ravenholme, city of the mudflats, and on the way Bronagh severed the connection between Reaver and Albinon, allowing him to connect with the Blade of Choice.

Upon arriving at the city, they took a roundabout way of paying the mercenary-guards known as the Fallen Flock, and visited the Baron Fedolish’s estate. Dasterbolt delivered the whale oil and enfolded the Baron in the growing network known as the Society. Albinon searched the Archives for anything to do with a boy with blond hair and red glowing eyes and with Dasterbolt’s help was able to find a book with relevant information. The book indicated that such a boy left the St. Clair estate on the night that tragedy had struck it. This contrasted with the account of the tragedy that Bronagh read in the Libraries of Solenar: the passage she read indicated that Albinon was the sole survivor of the slaughter.

At the Baron’s request, the party went to investigate the manor of Lady Amanta, and there found disturbing signs of Fey corruption. The residents of the manor were all killed, and many of them had Fey-influenced plants growing out of them. The plants were altered forms of a tree from the Weirwood to the East. After defeating the corruption within the building, one of the enemies (a satyr with black antlers instead of goat horns adorning his head) mentioned a being known as Cathartes.

The party met with Ramas Uthrakt outside the Manor where it was determined that they should go to the village of Anfail (Shammah’s old village) to confront the source of the corruption, a powerful Fey by the name of Cathartes. It seemed that the Fey they had been combating in Ravenholme was merely a distraction for the tear that had occurred between the Feywild and the Weirwood. Ramas urged them on with all speed, and the party agreed, rushing on horseback for the forest. They received a letter from Archaius saying that he wanted to meet with them, bringing important information about Lagiocrys, but they sent a not back saying that they would be in the area of Thesselmar soon, and they were in a hurry. Upon arriving in the ruins of Anfail, a village that was killed by an unknown disease, the party was confronted with Erdan Amakiir, an Elf with black antlers upon his head. He spoke of Beshaba, Goddess of Misfortune and said that something changed in him when the entire village died with nothing he did helping. And a voice from across the Barrier of the Feywild had told him that things would be made right. The order of things would be rearranged to their correct state: the Barrier should come down, the Feywild should be made part of the world. Helping explain was the appearing form of Cathartes, and in a voice like wind through an underground cavern he spoke.


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