Chapter 20

Dungeon and Dragon

After some downtime activities (Shammah improving his rapier, Dasterbolt doing jobs for the Society and crafting a ‘something’ that gives him better defense, and Bronagh crafting amulets and catching up with her family [also mining and finding lots and lots of gems]), the party received a letter from Brammyl Bolbrew, inviting them to the Midsummer Festival of Nost.

They decided to take him up on the invitation and arrived in the city with a few days before the festival was to begin. They brought Reaver to the Temple of Savras in Nost and received disturbing news. The blade was linked in with a prophecy about the End of the World.

Reeling from the information, and trying to process it the party indulged in the Midsummer games, fishing and shooting arrows and betting on toads’ jumping abilities.

After a day of fun and games, Brammyl came running out to the Heroes of Nost to request their assistance once more. The Temple of Chauntea had been vandalized with the magical image of a Copper Dragon’s head. Bronagh dispelled the magic, and Shammah spotted a strange trail of disappearing coins that led them out of the city and into the Amber Mines.

Through an illusory wall that read “Enter here for the Real Midsummer Games”, the party found themselves in a hidden lair. A night of rest in Leomund’s tiny hut went by before the party embarked on a series of puzzles and minor traps to reach a man with flowing hair and beautiful clothes, named Nicholas Prison. He said that in order to meet the host of the lair, they needed to participate in a game he had invented, called Metagaming. Some polyhedral dice rolling and roleplaying later, brought the party into an audience with Pyrinthodion, Giver of Laughter, a great copper dragon of immense size.

A failed riddle on either side left the decision to battle for the treasure to a dice roll that the party failed, causing them and the Dragon to ready themselves for a battle within his lair.


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