Chapter 27

The Burning Mists

Dasterbolt and Bronagh were visited before they went to sleep by Liam, an old friend of Bronagh’s, who was worried about her. They talked for a while that evening. Despite Liam’s prodding about some things to do in Thesselmar, Bronagh and Dasterbolt wished to go to the Abyssal Waste as soon as possible so as to complete their journey. They crossed a river with Water Walk and then encountered the Burning Mists of the Abyssal Waste in full bloom. The animals took the worst of it, Dastiff falling unconscious in the acidic fog and Bronagh’s horse’s skin burning. They decided to send the animals back out to Thesselmar in the morning, convincing Dasterwolf to accompany them though she wished to stay with Dasterbolt.

They flew as well, in the lessened mist of the next day, and saw several disturbing creatures in the mucky ground. Soon they found a sign attached to a gnarled tree, that said “Supplies, this way”. Following a few of these, they encountered some giant rats and a monstrous beast was attracted to their smell. Dasterbolt changed the monster into a slug and cast it into the Ethereal Plane. The two continued their journey through the horrid landscape of the Abyssal Waste.


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