Chapter 28


Bronagh and Dasterbolt continued to follow the signs, and they came to a much disturbed area with the sign: “Malark’s Information and Inflammation has moved, sorry for the inconvenience! 16 miles this way!”

As they continued to follow the direction, they encountered a looming stone giant, stuck in the mud of the swamp, bellowing. After speaking to the giant in Dwarvish, the being revealed that he was lost in the dream of the surface, and his sister was far more lost in the nightmare. She had lost all sense and had gone mad with hunger and insanity. He wished them to put her down, so that he could leave this place.
They found the giant’s twisted sister, Misstreika, and slew her after trying to find some way to cure her of her affliction. They brought the news to the giant, Lohikaarme, and he asked for their aid in leading him out of the Abyssal Waste. They did so, and the giant granted them gifts.

While returning through the mists of the Abyssal Waste, they heard a voice call out their names behind them. A half-elf male spoke to them and tried to explain his situation. He claimed to be himself, and said that he was no one. He said that one of his guises had been Grandelf the Stray, and that he had taken Reaver to give to people whose interests were its secrecy. He had been hired to kill Bronagh and Dasterbolt but was unwilling to follow through, as he saw their mission as important.

The wandering troll appeared and the group swiftly dealt with it before heading back into the swamps of the Abyssal Waste.


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