The Fall of Ulduar

Some 500 years ago, the Dwarven city of Ulduar was ringing with the sounds of mining and smithing, filled with the bustle of everyday life as its citizens went about their day. The city was governed by High Thane Rom Wildhammer and his clan, along with the Thane’s inner circle, the Council of the Four Hammers. This council, comprised of the Grimshield, Ironforge, Bronzebeard, and Stonejaw Clans aided in the day to day administration of the city.

Rumblings reached the city of the impending arrival of the red dragon, Insivius the Defiler. Always self-reliant, the Thane of the city, along with most of the Council of the Four Hammers, opted to shore up their own defences, rather than seek help. Folgrim Stonejaw, the only council member to vote otherwise, returned home to his wife Mavin and their young son, Thorim, warning those who would listen to be prepared for the worst.

Eventually, the dragon came, heralded by the fires that burned the landscape around the mountain stronghold. The dwarves put up a brave resistance, however they found themselves pushed back into their city. Having breached the gates of Ulduar, Insivius continued his rampage- it was then that two creatures emerged from the depths of long forgotten mining shafts. A mated pair of ancient behir launched a fierce attack on Insivius, fighting not on the behalf of the dwarves, but to protect their lair from the dragon, their hated enemy.

The three giants wreaked havoc throughout the city, damaging it beyond repair. Realising the city was lost, Folgrim marshalled the remaining Stonejaws, along with a handful of dwarves from other clans. Together they fought their way out of the ruins of Ulduar, braving the flames and fallen structures until all that stood between them and the city gates were the fighting creatures. As they fought their way forward, C’thun, the male behir, fell to Insivius’s flames. In his dying throes, he collapsed one of the entrance hall’s main pillars, causing massive blocks of stone to fall on the tail end of the fleeing dwarves, slaying many, including Folgrim’s wife, Mavin.

The haggard group pushed on, leaving their city and the dwarves who had refused to leave behind. Under Folgrim’s leadership, they pressed on, travelling far to the Northern regions of Faerun. Eventually they came across a valley of rolling hills, and together voted to settle there, giving their new home the name Thesselmar. Folgrim was voted Thane of the fledgling city, and as part of the start of their new life, remade the Stonejaw family crest, changing the emblem and motto to reflect the hardships they had overcome. He vowed to never repeat the same mistakes that caused the fall of Ulduar, opening Thesselmar to any travellers or traders passing through.

This tale was told by Bronagh Stonejaw during a performance contest at the Midwinter Festival of Nost.

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The Fall of Ulduar

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